One Year: Knitblogging by a Novice


One year.

365 days.

142 posts.

Invaluable amounts of yarn knit up into so many socks, hats, shrugs, neckwarmers, toys, and flittens.

Lace, cables, grafting, blocking, seaming, and everything in between.

Editing photos, learning about RSS feeds, hyperlinks, and blog stats.


It has been both a challenge and a pleasure writing this blog for the past year.  Thank you so much for stopping by to share a slice of my life, leaving encouraging and educational comments, and generally coming back for more.

I write this blog as a way to keep track of how far I have come as a knitter; to share ideas and collaborate with other knitters; to practice writing and taking photos and thinking in a new way about my knitting.  This blog keeps me knitting in a way, for I want to have things to share with you, and my knitting certainly keeps me blogging.  I think I have always been a fearless knitter, but having this blog has definitely compelled me to try new, challenging things more often.  And let’s not kid ourselves, it has been a great excuse to sample new yarn, too.

To celebrate, Sweetie and I are off to Webs today to buy yarn for my first sweater!  A new chapter begins.

I’ll leave you with a sight that greeted me in my back yard recently.


I have always considered this house to be a little bit enchanted.  It backs up to the woods, and there is a slight descending slope, so from any room on the back of the house all you see are the trees.  It’s almost like living in a treehouse.  So this fall, as the leaves slowly changed and started falling to the ground, a whole new view emerged.  A world that includes a group of 4 deer hanging out in my back yard!

Again, thanks for stopping by.  I can’t wait to see where this next year of knitting and blogging takes us!

9 thoughts on “One Year: Knitblogging by a Novice

  1. Happy Blog-versary! OOOh, a trip to WEBS – can’t wait to hear about it! I finally got back to work on my CPH last night – still feeling the love with it! I was telling Nancy, I think I’ve reached a point in my knitting where I want to make a mmmmalabrigo sweater 🙂 Can’t wait to see your sweater adventure!

  2. Yes, it’s a circular loop: knitting makes blogging makes knitting makes blogging…good times!

    What sweater did you choose for your first? It’s a momentous occasion!

  3. Congratulations! I had no idea when I first discovered your blog how new it was, you seemed so sure of yourself and what you were doing. It’s been a pleasure following your progress and getting to know you a little – I look forward reading much more!

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