The Progress is in the Process

I have been a very busy knitter and budding designer this past week!  Let me just get the first exciting bits out of the way…My first 2 patterns are up on Ravelry!

orange-owl4Owl Cowl & Neckwarmer

ribbed-warmth-cowl21Ribbed For Your Warmth

These are of the “quick & dirty” variety, but they are official.  I am waiting to be linked on the website as a Designer, after which time I can add photos and PDF links to the pattern.  That way, users can download the file and print easily, or save the file in their Ravelry libraries.  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Ravelry, please take a moment to go here and sign yourself up.  It’s a blast!)  Now I just need to figure out how to link my pattern PDF files through this blog.  For now the patterns are available to blog readers (that’s you!) through the Original Designs tab at the top of the page.

After spengind all this time figuring out websites, pattern formats, and PDF files, I’m ready to hit the needles and do some good knitting.  My Wicked sweater is still coming along, though progress seems to have slowed.  I have a couple of inches to go before I can start doing some hip increases, then it’s the home stretch to the bottom band, pocket, and sleeves.  And I have 8 days before Thanksgiving to meet my goal of wearing this sweater.  What am I doing on the computer?  I should be knitting!

I also got sidetracked by a new project, one that was absolutely critical I cast on immediately.  you see, my mom asked for a pair of socks way back in July.  I never knit them.  Now my mom has been here visiting for a week and I still hadn’t started these socks.  So when we decided to take the train into NYC yesterday, I saw that as the perfect opportunity to cast on and get knitting.

Undulating Rib Sock in STR Pebble Beach
Undulating Rib Sock in STR Pebble Beach

I’m not sure this is the best yarn to show off the stitch pattern, but it’s knitting up nicely and quickly, so it’s a winner.

I had a celebrity sighting in New York as well.  I just about ran into Barbara Walters on the sidewalk!  Just as I realized who she was and how close we were, she took a sharp left into a restaurant entrance.  I took my mom back by the window just to make sure it was her, and it was!  Hope you had a nice lunch, Barbara!

7 thoughts on “The Progress is in the Process

  1. Hi, I’ve been attempting some knitting after weaving for lots of years. I would love to someday make a fisherman’s knit sweater although I’m not so good at following instructions. I never was able to follow weaving patterns either, so I just experimented along.

  2. Hi, I just started the owl cowl with my handspun, which I think is a heavier weight overall than worsted, so I will be frogging it after about 8 rows and re-casting on with two pattern repeats less. What is the finished measurment width, unbuttoned, to use as a guide? Maybe I only have to take out one pattern repeat! It is lovely so far, but too wide.

  3. Oops, I see in the original pattern you have the dimensions. Sorry. I may have to take it down to size 7 needles and take out the two repeats! What is the gauge you ended up with?

  4. It’s me again. I guess it is the neckwarmer and not the owl cowl. I am such an idiot! I won’t bother you anymore tonight! 😉

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