Influx of Wooly Goodness

This week I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful yarn from two separate sources.

The first came from a travel companion and knitting mentor, Kimberly. My mom and I have traveled with her and her husband twice in the past 8 years, first to Scotland and then to India.  I was a very new knitter when we met up for our second trip, and had a lot to learn.  Kimberly was the first person I met with an extensive library of knitting books, and access to a local yarn shop where she also taught classes.  She let me look at her books, took me to the LYS, and helped me crack the code of moss stitch!

For the past few months it has been fun to reconnect with each other through our blogs and Ravelry.  Kimberly and my mom were at the same conference recently, and she passed on a parcel of yarn from Scotland for my mom to mule to me.  Thank you!

  Pam Murray Fibres & Yarns 100% North Ronaldsay Wool
Pam Murray Fibres & Yarns 100% North Ronaldsay Wool

The second yarn came to me from Purlsoup.  She had contacted me on Ravelry about buying some yarn from my trade/sell stash.  One look at her hand-dyed yarn and I was instantly convinced a trade would be in order.  So we swapped!  Her package arrived on a day where I really needed a little sunshine, and it delivered.  The yarn was nicely wrapped and tagged, and there was an additional surprise for me on the ball bands.

Special Edition Colorway: Sonia!

Just about every color I love made it into this yarn, and I am looking forward to knitting up a fun shrug or wrap for myself.  After I finish a couple of other things, of course…

I may have also  purchased a couple of Ravelry T-shirts for myself for Christmas.  I guess Christmas came early this year because I’ve already worn one of the shirts!  Well, why not?!

Love is in the air.
Love is in the air.

Hope you have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Influx of Wooly Goodness

  1. Oooh…your very own colorway! That’s so very cool.

    I’ve been looking at the Rav merchandise for quite awhile, but I have eleventy jillion screen print tees from places/events/causes already and no spare cash these days. So I’m holding out for something that isn’t so casual, so I can wear it when I’m back working again and get more use from it.

  2. Lucky you…that’s some mouthwatering yarn, especially the one with pink in it. Enjoy your weekend and playing with your yarn. Oh, and by the way…you are very pretty.

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