Finished Object Report

Let me just tell you right off the bat that there will be little (if any) knitting content in this post.  Instead, I am taking some time today to write about a couple of other creative projects that have been works in progress around my house for months.  And they are finally finished!

When we bought our house back in March, there were 5 rooms covered in at least 2 layers of wallpaper.  Floral wallpaper from the 80s.  It was in good repair for the most part, but the patterns just weren’t our style.  So with determination and good dose of naivete, I started scraping.  And spraying, scoring, steaming, hacking, crying, and eventually abandoning.  The first rooms to be rid of wallpaper were the main bathroom and kitchen, followed by the dining room.  But my craft room and the guest bath languished in half finished states for months.

endless white wallpaper

Before: endless white wallpaper

With the impending arrival of house guests for Thanksgiving, I was suddenly motivated to get my craft room looking nice and actually being functional as a guest room and creative space.

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

Sweetie built me a Princess and the Pea day bed that I can store tons of supplies beneath and sit on top of and knit or write.  I finished up the wall recovery project and painted the room a fresh white.  This was a first for me; I usually go for more saturated colors, but I wanted this room to stay bright.  In a matter of hours, this long hibernating work in progress was transformed into one of my favorite rooms in the house.

It’s a pretty small room with lost of angles and little wall space.  Despite this, I was able to carve out both a desk area and a yarn winding station.

craft-room-desk craft-room-window

This room was finished before our guests arrived for Thanksgiving and served as a lovely guest room.  I had to knock on the door a couple of times to access The Stash, but my mom was very understanding.

The final wallpaper removal project was our guest bathroom on the main level of the house.  It had two layers: the most recent layer was a marbleized beige with multi-color floral border near the ceiling.  beneath that lurked yellow flowers… We started scraping it off back in August, but quickly got distracted by more other projects.  This weekend Sweetie and I took care of all the details.

the scars of bad wallpaper

Before: the scars of bad wallpaper

I scraped the rest of the wallpaper, sealed the drywall, applied texture paint, and finally painted the room a rich chocolate brown.  Sweetie is super handy and was therefore in charge of installing the bead board, a new faucet and mirror, and a new light fixture.  Which she picked out on her own, earning her major style points.


It feels just as good to have these rooms off the To Do list as it does finishing up a long term knitting project.  There is not a scrap of wallpaper left to peel in this entire house, and that is liberating and satisfying beyond explanation.  We have put so much work into this place that it feels like we can relax now, even for just a moment.


9 thoughts on “Finished Object Report

  1. Your guest room looks so cozy! Peeling walpaper SUCKS! I’m glad you got it all off the walls. My mom got so sick of peeling walpaper, she just started priming and paint over it. I think that’s the route I would take too. BROVO! You space looks AWESOME

  2. Trying to remove wallpaper is Nasty! My father was a professional wallpaper-er so our house was filled with it!!
    When we remodeled our kitchen I removed the wallpaper over the course of 6 months or so as well as the linoleum floor – both coming off in bits and pieces! But when it was done it was worth it.
    Your rooms look great!

  3. You both did a great job! Your combination guest/crafting room is lovely but it’s the bathroom that makes me drool! Mine is heinous and I’ve suffered through the Pepto Bismo pink walls and stained flooring for too many years. Since I’m a renter there’s a limit to what I can & will do, but that space is top of the list for next spring.

  4. I had a wallpapered room growing up and one day in high school I decided to wash it… it came off just enough that we ended up needing remove it entirely, but not enough to make removing it any easier. It’s a wonder my parents didn’t disown me!

  5. Yes, I did enjoy staying in the guest room(s)…..I’m amazed at all the two of you have accomplished for the house and I love the new bathroom look! Congratulations! Love & Hugs.

  6. They both look great – removing wallpaper is such a lot of work, I’m impressed that you got all that done! And I LOVE the idea of a Princess and the Pea daybed (wonder why!)

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