Ankles Away!


  • Pattern: Pom Pom Peds by Purl Bee, size 8

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Felici 1 skeins = 218.0 yards (199.3m) in Atmosphere

  • Needles: US size 2 (3mm) double points

  • Mods: Haven’t made the namesake pom pom.  Something tells me it would be too busy with the stripes.

Peg The Leg's 1st snow
Peg The Leg's 1st snow

These were extraordinarily fast to knit for me: 8 days!  It typically takes me that long for a single sock at a pretty fast pace, so this was immensely satisfying.  I feel pretty good about these as a last minute Christmas gift: they are soft, washable, colorful, and hand knit, all the prerequisites for a gift to a non-knitter!


I am almost finished with Project V for my sister as well, so that means the gift knitting is nearing its end.  In a fit of excitement I wound up a ball of yarn to knit something for myself, potentially this.  I’m also pretty excited to start this sweater, but I’m trying to hold off until things settle down in January.  (All the links are a nod to you procrastinators out there.  Nothing’s better than following a lead to kill time, eh?!)

Sadly I probably won’t have much time to knit this weekend as I am planning on spending a lot of time cooking, cleaning, and entertaining.  We will also be attending a performance of The Nutcracker on Sunday, one of my very favorite holiday traditions.  In middle school I was in the show and had to play a boy, wearing a short wig and high waisted trousers.  I guess my ballet skills weren’t all that spectacular!

I hope you have a warm and merry weekend!

7 thoughts on “Ankles Away!

  1. They’re cute!

    One thing about the pom pom, which you may already know, is that it’s not decorative. It’s functional. The pom pom keeps the sock from sliding into your shoe when wearing them with shoes. Not a big deal if you plan to wear them without shoes, though!

  2. They’re cute! Well done for getting another Christmas knit off the needles! I love the Nutcracker – I forced my boys to see it every year for years, knowing full well that I was the only family member who really wanted to be there…

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