6 thoughts on “Spike’s Wrath OR I Love My Cat, But…

  1. My cat is just too much of a nutball to be trusted around anything knitted. Girl can’t even get it through her head that a snagged claw can be retracted, she just pulls & tugs until something rips.

  2. Zeb, a.k.a. the great orange beast thought that the Big Bad Baby Blanket I had JUST got blocked made the perfect bed for the night. What is it with Cats and Knitting? I have contemplated knitting him a blankie of his own, but then I ask myself “would he use it” or would he reject it because I MADE it for HIM????

    Spike is super cute though. Can’t stay mad a a face like that for long!

  3. Aaah – cute photos, but kitty claws and handknits? Not sure I could cope with that!!

    BTW – I love how you’ve got your face on the little icon thingy – how did you do that?

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