On a Rampage

For the past few days I have been quite dissatisfied with my knitting.  There’s not a single thing in my knitting bag that is calling out to me.  I go through these phases and always seem to come out of them, so I don’t know why I let it affect me.  It’s just frustrating when you want to start a project and be excited about it, but everything that’s on the needles doesn’t feel quite right.  In an attempt to fix this sad state of affairs, I went on a frogging spree and left this in my wake:


The first victim of my ripping rampage was the Lace Ribbon scarf.  I have loved this pattern since I first laid eyes on it.  Every time I see one that someone has knit, I like it.  It seemed perfect.  So I cast one on for myself on Friday in a beautiful variegated yarn I got from Sweet P in deep blues, greens and purples.


The pattern is straightforward enough, the yarn is gorgeous, and yet every time I looked at it I thought it looked sloppy and boring.  So I let it sit for a day, then yesterday I ripped it out and started something else.

I began knitting the Branching Out scarf in the same yarn.  This project is more complex, with a chart that has no repeats–every right side row is different.


It takes a lot of focus for this lace novice, and the results are lovely, but…I don’t know if I have the ability to concentrate like that right now.  We’ll be traveling next week, and I need projects that can be picked up and put down without complication.  I did one more repeat than shown in the photo, just to give it another chance.  I’m still on the fence, but have to admit that I’m thinking about going back to the Lace Ribbon scarf!

After putting the lace aside, I turned back to a pair of socks that had been put in time out a couple of weeks ago.  They started out as the Undulating Rib socks from IK.  That didn’t work out too well with the pooling of the yarn, so I ripped back to the cuff thinking a plain stockinette sock would suit me just fine.  Boring.  So yesterday I ripped the entire thing out and started over with the Peak Experience socks from Fiber Trends.

Mt. Hood version of Peak Experience
Mt. Hood version of Peak Experience

It’s very similar to the Jaywalker sock pattern.  I cast on 68 stitches which somehow helps the yarn redistribute its colors more evenly, and it’s working.  I might even be so bold as to say I like it!  Finally, some forward progress with these socks; I was beginning to think there was no chemistry between myself and this yarn!

So that’s where I’m at with my projects: 1 pair of socks that I think I like, and 2 potential scarves that will be victims of my mood once again.  See?  Frustrating!

3 thoughts on “On a Rampage

  1. I love a good FROG! It is so cleansing! Maybe you need some mindless knitting for a while. Do a couple of washcloths, and maybe a garter stitch scarf, and then you will CRAVE more advanced knitting!

  2. Well I have a very long list of things I need to do so you are welcome to do some of those for me if you want lol!

    I’m sorry you arent having much luck with the NZ wool – I havent seen it knit up as my hank is still untouched, pretty! I like both the patterns (that was helpful wasn’t it)

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