Time Flies When You’re Knitting in Flight

Well, I’m happy to report that no travel plans were thwarted by bad weather or airline mishaps.  I made it safely to and from Idaho.  As usual, I was in awe of the vast openness that is the West, with seemingly endless expanses of land and sky.


This is a view of the Snake River Canyon from Bliss, Idaho.  This is what it looks like where I grew up, and only after leaving it and living in a land of trees and tall buildings cans I truly appreciate all that open space.

Outside Mountain Home, ID
Outside Mountain Home, ID

I had a lot of quality time with my family, and in a strange turn of events, I didn’t feel like knitting all that much.  The most knitting I accomplished was on the flights back and forth across the country.  Pointy needles and an iPod do wonders for maintaining sanity and a safe distance from strangers while travelling.


On New Year’s Day I cast on the Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark in Favorite Socks.  I am using the absurdly cheerful Holiday Yarns in Bubble Gum that I purchased at Rhinebeck back in October.  As some of you noted in the comments on my last post, this is just the cheerful, optimistic type of yarn to get this new year started.

I knit on it a little bit last week, but again, made the most progress on my flights home.  There’s something about listening to back episodes of Cast-On while sipping a Fresca and knitting pink socks that really helps the whole experience fly by (pun intended, as they all should be).


I have been experiencing an inconsistency with my yarn overs.  Can you spot it?  The first repeat has a yarn over right after a purl stitch, followed by knit stitches.  This creates a small, neat looking yarn over.  The second repeat of lace is a yarn over just before a purl stitch.  To do this, I bring the yarn forward, around the needle, and back to the front before purling.  This leaves more yarn for the yo stitch, and creates a bigger, less neat looking hole.  I’ve played around with different ways of doing both types of yarn over to achieve more similarity and continuity throughout the sock, to no avail.  Do you have any tips or suggestions?  I’ll probably just keep doing it the way I have been for the rest of this sock and its mate for continuity reasons, but I would love to know a different way of doing things.

And, because I’m a sucker for cats and I just met my sister’s 2 cats for the first time:


Aren’t they pretty kitties?  I knew I had a problem when I started showing Sweetie the pictures from my trip and there were more pictures of cats than anything else.  Those of you with cats know that they’re hard to photograph, right?  I had to work for these shots!

9 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Knitting in Flight

  1. Great cat shots! Sweet faces.

    Your sock looks great. I played around with a swatch; the holes look about the same, but it was a pretty loose gauge anyway. I’m guessing that the unevenness in your sock will come out in the wash (blocking). I look forward to finding out when you report back!

  2. I love those socks even more now that I can see more of them! The stripes are so fun and cheery. And what adorable cats your sister has! I know all too well how hard it can be to get a good cat shot, and both of your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. The vast open-ness of Idaho always makes me a little unsettled when I first arrive, due to living in NYC. After a day or so, I feel right back at home and I love it!

    Your bubblegum socks look so yummy! Can’t wait to see them finished!

    Those cats look a little “scared of the lady-with-the-camera-and-pointy-sticks” Adorable though!

  4. Wow – what stunning scenery! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

    And the stitch patterns? It’s late here and I’m a bit fuzzy-headed but I can’t quite make out where the difference is…

  5. When I go back east I get a bit claustrophobic, because I have gotten so used to our big sky here in Colorado. Your photos of Idaho were beautiful. I too love the Cast-On podcasts and have been trying to catch up from the beginning. Nice socks!

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