Magic Carpet Hat

Do remember last week when I tried to knit while standing out in the hypothermia-inducing cold in Washington D.C.?  After trying to knit and failing to complete even one row, I begrudgingly put the project away.  Driving home the next day, however, provided much more favorable knitting conditions and I was able to make good progress.

A friend of mine just had a baby boy last month, and I knew immediately that I wanted to knit something sweet and tiny for him.  I love to make baby things, so I need very little incentive to do so.  This worked out especially well because I had a leftover skein of Knit Picks Felici from the Pom Pom socks; its color, texture, and machine washability meant it was perfect for this project.


When lacking an actual baby to model your knits, paper towels are extremely handy!

  • Pattern: Magic Carpet Hat as improvised by Me.

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Atmosphere, approximately 105 yards

  • Needles: US size 4 12-inch circulars

I cast on an odd number of stitches, did one inch of 1×1 ribbing, then knit until the stripe repeats looked good and another mother in my knitting group said it looked big enough.  The nice thing about baby hats is that if you make them a little large, the babe’s head will surely grow into it.  I then did a 3-needle bind off to give the hat a square shape since I planned to attach pom poms or tassels to the corners.

Have you ever made tassels before?  I hadn’t, but somewhere in the depths of my mind I remembered seeing a diagram or reading about it once.  So I just winged it, setting out on a Macguiver-like adventure with my yarn, scissors, a memo pad, and a tapestry needle.  They turned out pretty well, I think, and they are darn cute.  If you’d like to make tassels but need some inspiration, check this out from Techknitter.


When I paraded the hat in front of Sweetie hoping for praise, I got confusion instead.  “It looks like half a magic carpet.  What is it?”  “It’s a baby hat, isn’t it cute?” I said.  “Oh, I see.  Yeah, that’s great.”  Sweetie was thoroughly unimpressed.  Could it be that she is growing immune to my knitterly powers?  Is she saturated with custom hand-knits?  Fortunately my friend received the hat with more enthusiasm!


Hmmm…I suppose it does kind of look like half of a magic carpet after all…

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  1. Well if Sweetie sees it on the actual baby she’ll probably like it more! I think it’s very cute! At this point in my life I’ve moved past the stage where friends are having babies. I suppose in another 10-15 years it’ll start being about time for the grandbabies!

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