Beaded Beauties

Another component to hosting a knitting party is to invite talented and generous friends.  Everyone brought delicious vittles to share, highlights of which were the largest tiramisu I’ve ever seen, a caramelized onion quiche, delicious breads and cookies, chili, pizza rolls, and veggies with dips.   Mmmm…  And I have leftovers!

Lady’s Slipper brought Ravelry name tags for everyone, which was a huge treat. Nutmeg Knitter brought a book and some llama yarn for the raffle.  There were several other raffle prizes donated as well; thanks to everyone who brought something.  I think just about everyone went home with a prize!

Pixisis brought her stash of beads, many of which were handmade. She taught people how to make their own stitch markers, and some of us were fortunate enough to have her make them for us.


Turquoise beads were handmade glass, red and yellow beads are Swarovski crystal.  She doesn’t mess around.


We’ve been nagging at her for ages to set up an etsy shop to sell her beaded wares, so if you like what you see, go nag her here!


I may have to cast on a new project just so I can put some of these beauties to work!

2 thoughts on “Beaded Beauties

  1. you should try and make some beads that are shaped like funny things out of clay. Like a Martha or a ball of yarn!

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