Baby Steps

I love my cat.  I love my cat.

I am reminding myself of this because we just had an Incident.  An incident in which I had an entire finely crafted blog post highlighted to change the font  size when one well placed cat paw touched the keyboard.  Gone, kitty, gone.

In lieu of trying to reconstruct it, I will give you the highlights:

Instead of knitting my second sock this week, I decided to tend to some other projects that were already on the needles.  Poof was one of them.  Once that was finished, I turned my attention to the oft neglected cabled sweater.  I started this beautiful knit back in December, but progress has been slow.  I got distracted by socks and scarves, while still feeling a strong urge to finish the sweater.  It’s going to be Spring soon, and I have to wear this at least once while it’s still Winter!

With a renewed sense of dedication, I knit almost exclusively on it all week.

Baby Cables & Big Ones Too

Baby Cables & Big Ones Too

After all that knitting, I only just put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn.  This has been a black hole project: I knit and knit and feel like I’ve made very little progress.  Hopefully it will feel faster now that I’m onto the plain stockinette body.  Purling across every other row really slows me down!

Cabled Sleeve

Cabled Sleeve

I am loving how the cables are turning out.  This yarn, a 50/50 blend of wool and alpaca, is ever so slightly variegated within the strand that there is a lovely depth to the yarn.  A slightly fuzziness also adds interest, and it all makes the cables really pop.

I’m off to enjoy my weekend activities which include a double feature, a knitting class, and a doggy play date with Martha and her friend Hugo.  I hope you have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Control+z! It would have been worth a try. It may have “undid” the deletion.

    I’m trying to love my cat, too. She’s been eating inedible things and then throwing them up all over the carpet. Love.

    Your sweater is coming along beautifully!

  2. I feel your pain… My cat is always walking on the computer keyboard and randomly opening or closing programs. She also likes to pull out blocking pins by their little round heads while I’m right in the middle of blocking a big project. I’m trying to love her for that one right now…

    Your sweater is looking great! The pattern really shows up well in the yarn you chose and it looks so soft and cozy!

  3. My last five years with Destruct-O-Kitty have taught me many lesssons! Most people would think I’m nuts for the amount I’ve had to re-arrange my life and home to accommodate her “issues”. But it’s so worth it to me.

  4. There is no “Wayback Machine” ala Rocky and Bullwinkle, so just move on from the cat disaster…. Love the sweater and the cables. I would love to conquer cabling without a cable needle, because it would make life much easier.

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