Finished Socks Rock

Let’s get this weekend started off right with a finished object!


I cannot quite describe to you the level of elation, relief, and excitement I am feeling after finishing these socks.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy knitting them.  It’s not that there was anything wrong with the delicious yarn or the pattern.  I just had a hard time finishing the second sock!  I really need to try that 2 at a time thing again…


  • Pattern: Queen of Beads by Sivia Harding for Blue Moon Fiber Arts (Ravelled here)

  • Yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock lightweight in My Blue Heaven

  • Needles: US size 1 (2.25mm) double points

  • Mods: The only modification I made was to omit the slanted stitches on the top of the heel flap.

I would have liked to make the leg of these socks a little bit longer, about the length of an additional chart repeat.  But I read that if you were doing a size medium as I was, and you decided to do extra repeats, you may need another skein of yarn.  I have actually never finished a pair of socks using this yarn, so I wasn’t sure about the yardage.  After finishing the second sock, however, I had a ridiculous amount of yarn left.  I could have easily knit another pattern repeat on each sock leg. Grrr.

I also had plenty of beads left over, which was nice.  I did use the beads throughout the whole sock, somthing that was really a non-decision for me.  If I’m going to do this sock club, I’m in all the way, no questions asked!  They sit nicely on top of the sock, and the squishiness of the yarn really cushions them so that you don’t even feel them on the foot.


My other gripe about the pattern is the way it was laid out.  There are charts for each size, with text in between, and for my size I had to do a lot of page turning to read the pattern through and then to work from it.  This wasn’t a huge obstacle, but the first few times I was looking at the pattern, I had to be very careful I was using the right chart and following the right instructions.  And I think one of the charts was mislabeled…thankfully I saw a note about that on Ravelry before I got to that point so I knew what to look for.  Otherwise, it was a nice pattern to work with, and once I figured out what page and chart to use, it was smooth sailing.

And as for the whole sock club experience, I think I am a fan so far.  I joined this group to sample great yarn of course, but also to challenge myself with new techniques and patterns I may otherwise skip over.  In this pattern, I learned how to do a tubular cast on and how to knit with beads.  It is my intention to knit these kits as they come (unless for some reason I really can’t stand the yarn or the pattern).  It’s a fun, manageable challenge for me and I am already looking forward to the next package.


Dang, these socks are photogenic!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

12 thoughts on “Finished Socks Rock

  1. oh wow. I saw these come up on Rav this morning. they look fabulous. I’m really taken with the inclusion of beads and am glad to hear they’re wearable. that was my concern.

    Isn’t STR gorgeous yarn to work with? i cast some on this morning!

  2. They look beautiful!! I’m so glad you were able to overcome the SSS and finish the second one! I also wish I would have made mine a little longer in the leg – I had a whole lot of yarn left and I didn’t like wasting so much of that beautiful color.

    By the way, I just love the photo with the paws. So cute!

  3. Hurray for finishing the socks! They look terrific. I have a skein of STR medium weight (from Rhinebeck) that I have not yet chosen a pattern for. Any suggestions?

  4. Wow – those are just beautiful! Yes, I’ve considered trying to learn the 2 at a time method to stave off SSS, maybe later this year.
    But I like the feet in the last pic too!

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