Fun in a Box

I have the best Sweetie ever!


After having a little bit of a bummer of a week, I had a very sweet surprise at my doorstep.  Sweetie “sent” me a care package full of goodies that taste, smell, and feel delicious.  Yarn, lotion and bubble bath, mini candy bars,  watercolor markers and canvas.  Plus a few letters that spell “Baa” for the craft room.  Fun in a box!


I’ve been wanting to try the Lion Brand Organic Cotton for some time now, so it was nice to see it in the box.  This is the Macadamia Nut colorway, and it is a beautiful, natural shade that I can see knitting up into a sweet cardigan or baby blanket.

This was a good weekend for knitting.  I got a few inches done on the stockinette body of my Baby Cables sweater, but I still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I like the sweater and look forward to wearing it, but there are so many other projects I’d like to get knitting.

I keep breaking up the monotony by telling myself I can work on another project after I get through each progression on the sweater.  For instance, I’m on the decreases at the body, and when I finish that I plan on starting something else.  Probably the mate to my bubble gum pink socks.  Yeah, I think a little bright pink is in order!

6 thoughts on “Fun in a Box

  1. Your Sweetie is so thoughtful! What a nice present to cheer you up! 🙂 The organic cotton yarn looks so soft and squishy. I’m excited to see what you will make from it!

  2. What a thoughtful surprise package. You’ve gone from blah to baa! Perfect!

    It’s gray and pouring rain here. Ugh. I think I’ll take another look at your colorful markers picture…

  3. Oh that’s so sweet! Sometimes when you are at your lowest the special people in your life do and say just the right thing in the simplest way.
    Thinking of you both!

  4. What a wonderful Sweetie you have! You are lucky to have such a thoughtful person in your life.

    I have used the organic cotton and like it a lot. It leaves fuzz on your clothes while you knit with it but laundering the finished item takes care of further shedding. I lay a towel in my lap when I knit with it.

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