I took myself and the Baby Cables sweater out to Starbucks yesterday for a bit of a marathon knitting session. There were many chores at home to be avoided done, so before I left I switched the laundry over and made a shopping list, then grabbed my knitting and fled. Some days the bare minimum is all that can be expected when it comes to housework, don’t you think?

I had the pleasure of several brand new podcasts to listen to, so I  decided to sit and knit, drink a chai tea latte, and listen to Cast-On. It was during that hour that I fell miraculously and hopelessly back in love with this sweater.


After finishing the decreases at the waist, I decided to try the sweater on for the first time.  Not doing so before this point was a bit of a leap of faith, one I hoped not to regret.  When I pulled it over my head and shoulders and felt that wool/alpaca blend against my body, I just knew it would fit perfectly.

Seeing the sweater as a garment and not just a long-running work in progress has reignited my desire to finish it.  My new plan is to keep working on it this week to finish up the body.  Once that happens I will reconsider whether to start a new project or keep knitting away at the sleeves.  I am open to either possibility!

12 thoughts on “Reignited

  1. Looks great so far! Taking yourself away from home was a good idea, sometimes it’s hard to focus when so many other projects, enjoyable or otherwise, are crying for your attention!

  2. Don’t you just love it when you try on a sweater you’re knitting for the first time and it fits just right? That’s the best feeling. It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see the whole thing when it’s done!

    Also, it sounds like a very pleasant time knitting at Starbucks. Sometimes you just have to set aside some special knitting time so the knitting doesn’t get overwhelmed by the chores and the mundane things.

  3. It’s looking fabulous so far. I’m with you on the housework, except that I think some days the minimum is a lot more than can be expected…

  4. LOVE the cables. Love the color. Love your blog!!! I have no clue how I stumbled upon this one, but I’m sure glad I did. Could you tell me where I can find this pattern? I’d also love to know the brand of wool/alpaca blend yarn you’ve used?

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