Twee Bootees

I recently whipped up these wee & twee bootees out of leftover sock yarn.  I had two little balls left over from my Spring Forward socks, and figured it would take the whole lot to make these little bootees.  Not true.  I only used up one ball!  Great way to use up tiny bits of leftovers.


There were so many good button choices!  These booties are for a babe of unknown gender, so my strategy was to make them as fun and bright as possible.  I am not one to tote a basketful of pastel to a baby shower; in fact, if you invite me to your shower, be prepared to get shocking colors and hand knits!


There was a fair amount of finishing to be done after the knitting was complete.  They’re so small though, that the time spent sewing them up was nominal.  I used the yarn tail from each strap to make a button loop.  Simply tack the yarn to the opposite edge of the strap to create a loop, then secure by weaving the tail into the strap.


  • Pattern:  Saartje’s Bootees, Ravelled here

  • Yarn: Shibui Knits sock yarn, color 4201, 10 or so yards

  • Needles: US 1 1/2, 2.5mm dpns

  • Mods: Used one color instead of two.

To block, I lightly dampened each bootie and then stuffed it full of plastic wrap.  This evened out the shape and straps nicely.

The only trouble with this little stash-busting project is that I still have leftovers!

9 thoughts on “Twee Bootees

  1. Babies deserve COLOR and these booties fit the bill. The knitting and shaping is excellent but I do love the yellow buttons best!

  2. I love them!! I love the yellow buttons with the bright blue-green of the yarn. And I totally agree that babies should have bright colors, not just pastels!

  3. Oh, they are so adorable! I go a bit mushy every time I see baby knits, I really should avoid them! I love your choice of buttons, they really make the booties ‘zing’!

  4. Those are soo cute! And I for one (if I was pregnant) would accept a handknit gift that wasn’t either blue or pink!

  5. So cute!

    And I’ll definitely help (as much as I can) with sewing crises–although my knowledge is kind of scattered, since I’ve never had an official lesson either.

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