Rainy Days & Mondays…

We had a spectacular, warm, and beautiful weekend here in Connecticut.  The weather was such that I decided to insist that it signified the beginning of Spring.  I know that technically we don’t cross that line until March 21st, but I am living in Spring from here until summer.  Care to join me?

Of course, after wearing a skirt without tights and shoes without socks all weekend, it’s chilly and rainy this morning.  No matter.  I have a little piece of rainbow to cheer me up.  My feline shadow, Spike, insisted on honing in on my photo shoot this morning.  Predictably, he wouldn’t sit still for any sort of intentional looking photo, so all I got was a lot of blurry fur.


Peg the Leg is NOT happy working with such an unprofessional character.


This is the first sock of a pair of Noro Kureyon socks in color 182, Rainbow.  I am loosely following the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe, casting on 64 stitches and just knitting.  The two most interesting things about these socks are the playful yarn and my experimenting with magic loop sock knitting.  It is so speedy and fun!

I have always knit my socks using double pointed needles.  It’s the way I learned, and it’s the way most of the sock patterns I have chosen to knit were written.  Yet somehow I decided that I wanted to try a new method.  So I went out and bought a set of size 1 Addi Turbos with a 29-inch cable and set to work. Not only does it feel faster (and that may be the simplicity of the stocking stitch), but working with 2 needles eases the tension in my hands that is sometimes created when I knit with 4 DPNs.


I intuited how to get through the challenges of the heel flap and picking up the gusset stitches on 2 needles, knowing that once I got to that point it would probably make sense.  And it worked out!  I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to do it than what I finagled, and I trust that I will get there at some point.  For now, however, I am thrilled with these cheerful socks that are helping me to remember that Spring has returned, whether the weather man says so or not!


7 thoughts on “Rainy Days & Mondays…

  1. Pretty socks!

    When I taught myself to “Magic Loop”, I practiced on a little bitty sock. It is sort of weird to try to “translate” the heel flap and gusset stitches, but I think that having some sock contruction knowledge under your belt helps a lot.

  2. i still haven’t knit my first pair of socks… started and then tossed them aside for another project. but that rainbow is sure inspiring enough to get me started!

  3. I L-O-V-E this sock…
    Spike is so talented, but maybe he’s afraid of the croc.. and that is why he couldn’t hold still!

  4. Wow – great socks! I think anyone living in a snowy, cold winter climate needs a pair of those to bring some color into their life!

    So did you do those 2 at a time? I’ve been thinking about trying that. But regardless, I like the idea of less hand tension, sometimes that’s a problem for me with dpns also.

  5. I love using magic loop. When I use dpns I always end up stabbing myself with all the points.
    Your sock looks insanely cheerful – lovely!

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