Bubble Gum is Good.

Wow.  This blogging thing has really gotten away from me in the past couple of weeks!  I was off having fun and knitting up a storm while doing it, and have hardly shared a thing with you.  I intend to remedy that right now, with a project I finished last night after 3 full months in progress.


  • Pattern: Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark from Favorite Socks (Ravelry link)

  • Yarn: Holiday Yarns (previously vanCalcar Acres) Jennifer’s FlockSock Sock Yarn in Bubble Gum, 400 yards.  I loved knitting with this.  The stripes were a bit of a surprise, but I don’t think it takes anything away from the lace pattern.

  • Needles: US size 1 1/2 (2.5mm) double points

  • Mods: I started off with the scalloped cuff option.  When you’re knitting girly pink socks, it’s best to go all the way.  I knit the entire sock as written, ending the foot on row 20 of the chart.  Then I repeated rows 1 and 2 of the toe decreases until there were 20 stitches remaining.  I made sure there were 10 stitches on top and 10 on the bottom before grafting the toe closed.


This pattern was a joy to knit.  These are not the first socks I have knit from Favorite Socks; the book truly is my go-to book when I want to start a new sock.  When I needed a cheerful project to liven things up during those dark days of winter I knew this was the yarn, and where to look for a great pattern.  And it worked, but then I got distracted.  Several times.  There was another pair of socks.  A sweater.  some travel–this sock has been on an airplane across the country twice.  It was seriously time to finish them off.

So when I saw that the Stash & Burn group on Ravelry was having a March to the Finish challenge in March, I knew what needed to happen.  I lined up all my works in progress and gunned them down with some monogamous knitting.  These socks were my last victims!  (Yes, that means I also finished my grey sweater…see, I’m so behind on this blogging thing!)

That means that I currently have no works in progress!  Okay, if I’m really fessing up I will admit that there’s a scarf languishing in the hibernation pile.  But that hardly counts.  I mean, it’s Spring now–who needs a new scarf anyway?

I have about 3 or 4 projects I’d like to start.

  1. Secret project for my sister

  2. Hemlock Ring blanket as a wedding gift for my BFF

  3. Rockin’ Sock Club Socks

  4. Some kind of cotton short sleeve top…still narrowing down the options

This list reminds me that I haven’t shown you the beauty that is the new Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club shipment!  I will go ahead and leave you with another photo of my bubble gum pink socks.  After that, no peeking for those of you who don’t want to spoil the surprise of your club shipment!


Aren’t those scalloped cuffs cute?

Okay, on to the next event:


I had a major birthday, the arrival of which was softened with much chocolate cake and a visit from the mailman who brought me this:

March colorway: Gertrude Skein
March colorway: Gertrude Skein

The pattern is a gem from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee called Rogue Roses.  It features a traveling rose vine that is mirrored on each sock.  There are some elements I am not comfortable with, but I’m not afraid to jump in and challenge myself.

I think that’s it for today, knitters.  I’m proud of you for hanging in this long; thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Bubble Gum is Good.

  1. Happy birthday!

    I love the striping in the pink socks. It’s subtle enough not to mess with the lace. And so girly!

    The RSC yarn is beautiful, too. More pink! And stuff…

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    And yay for my favorite bubblegum socks! So cute! 🙂
    I love the RSC yarn and pattern this month too. I started mine and the pattern isn’t as confusing as it looks if you just go step by step and follow the directions. It’s been kind of a hard week over here but it’s definitely helped to have those pretty socks to work on when I get home!

  3. Oh very pretty socks! I agree with you, the striping is subtle and does not fight the lace at all.

    I think I’m adding that book to my wishlist too – I’ve seen so many great patterns come out of it.

  4. What a secret…you can’t hide from me (mmwwwhhaa) I know that is spelled wrong!
    p.s. You KNOW why !?!?!?

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!! My blog has gotten away from me too, but I have added a twitter link which updates there, facebook and twitter at the same time. How efficient of me! I will be updating full entries soon. Great Socks!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    I love the socks, sooo pretty! I’m putting these on my queue straight away. And the str yarn is really scrummy – I look forward to seeing what the pattern is like.

  7. ah waving lace. I’ve made the once. I’ll make them again. They do look rather good in a not-solid yarn!

    And the BMFA!!! Oh I wish I was in that club!!

    Yes, get blogging. Need to see more!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    I would have said it to you on time, but I was afraid to go on the internets for fear that my computer was going to explode with the new virus. 🙂

  9. ohhh…. love the new Socks That Rock! So pretty- can’t wait to see the pattern too! Also love the scalloped tops to your new socks- so pretty….

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