Just Because.

I was inspired by Mooncalf’s Picture Saturday, and wanted to share some photos I took this week.  They don’t really fit in elsewhere, so why not feature them in  their own post?

The first are of Big Martha.  She found a patch of sunlight and enjoyed it to its fullest.

100_4335She always has an eye on me…


I’m also happy to report that my orchids are blooming!  Thanks to the green thumb advice of Liz, I turned a few stems into this:


And this:


All I did was add a little powdered orchid food to the water each week.  It turned happy plants into ecstatic plants! If you like orchids as much as I do, check out Lolly’s post about her recent trip to the US Botanical Gardens production greenhouse.

My Christmas cactus is also blooming.  It has never bloomed in the 4 or 5 years since it got started from a cutting, and now it’s on its second bloom in 6 months!  Hopefully this means I have a green thumb.  I was beginning to doubt it after the miserable cucumber crop of ’08: I grew beautiful plants that didn’t produce any cucumbers!

There wasn’t much sun outside this week, but I tried to capture as much of the stuff as possible inside.  Spring is being stubborn around here.  The daffodils are in bloom, but other things can’t really seem to get a start yet for all the clouds and rain.  Patience is a virtue, yes, but it’s hard to hold on to after a long and snowy winter.

I hope the sun is out today in your corner of the world!

10 thoughts on “Just Because.

  1. Well, the sky is grey but the temperature is warming up. Daffodils are in full bloom as is the forsythia bush. Still too chilly for me to get out in the garden….soon. I love your photos, and YOU!

  2. Awwww Look at Martha!!! So cute!

    My orchid tends to die on me. But I did seed some cucumber, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and a variety of herbs. We’ll see how that goes this year…

  3. Love that first shot of Martha in the sun! Mmmmm, warm fur…is there anything better?

    Yes, we have sun! And the storm that was forecasted never happened, so I have painting projects to jump on tomorrow!

  4. Thank you so much having your yarn give-a-way…or I don’t think I would find an excuse to buy sock yarn for a while!! 😛 I love orchids, and yours are so beautiful 🙂 I’m thinking of getting a dog when I move to grad school…and now I’m considering orchids too. haha
    ❤ Em

  5. The trick with the Christmas Cactus is to leave them be. My step mother has my grandmothers old one. My grandmother fussed with it all of the time. My step mothers leaves them be, barely notices them, all of a sudden, about twice a year, they produce amazing flowers! almost as if to say “HEY stop ignoring me, I can be pretty!!!!!”

  6. Glad to help!!! Mine are blooming too and I just bought one for my new boss and expect to coach her on the proper care and upkeep. Yours are stunning!

  7. Hurrah – Picture Saturday spreads!

    What a gorgeous dog you have. She’s such a beautiful colour and so soft and wrinkly. I love the way she’s squeezed as much as she can into the little pool of sunlight

    And it is hard to believe that a person can grow something as amazing as an orchid. They look like they land from outer space!

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