Weekend Knitting Progress

It was a good weekend for starting and making good progress on new projects.  I love the feeling of excitement when I get interested in a new pattern.  I start dreaming about knitting it, stalking finished objects on Ravelry, imagining what yarns I could make it in…

Sometimes this process is satisfying enough that I already feel like I have knit the pattern.  More often than not, however, it only creates a need to knit it immediately, no matter what else I already have on the needles.

Such was the case for the past week with Ishbel, the lovely new shawl from Ysolda Teague.  I love much of her work, but have never actually knit one of her designs.  Yesterday, after days of dreaming and planning, I finally purchased the pattern (okay, I got the ebook and the hard copy…Easter present?).  I immediately wound up a skein of Madelinetosh sock yarn in Lettuce Leaf, a bright acidic green perfect for spring knitting.

I thought I could wait to cast on, but decided about to do so about 1/2 an hour before going to my Sunday afternoon knitting group.  And after a few hours of knitting, I have finished the stockinette section:


Ishbel is my first shawl, so it’s fun to watch it grow from a tiny 3-stitch cast on to something resembling a shawl.  Now I’m gathering my wits to get started with the charted lace pattern.  I’m not exactly a novice in this department, but still green enough to have some reservations.  Thank goodness for the help of those who have gone before me!

On Saturday (pre-Ishbel frenzy) I sat down with my Hemlock Ring blanket.  I started this a week or two ago, but didn’t get very far.  It requires a bit of focus, and I just wasn’t in that sort of mood.  I knit a stockinette sock instead, much more my speed at the time.  But on Saturday the mood struck, and I made a few inches of progress.  It’s so fun!


This should be an interesting project to watch change and grow. I have 4 balls of Malabrigo yarn to devote to it, and will cast off when I’m about out of yarn.  It’s only once the whole thing is off the needles that I will know exactly how big it has gotten.

So, that’s what I’ve got on the needles at this moment.  Something about the sunshine, blooming flowers, and feeling like a fresh start has me wanting to cast on about 87,000 new projects!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting Progress

  1. I just cast on for Ishbel in the very same yarn in dark purple! Great pattern and great yarn so far. Yours is the perfect color for spring!

  2. Lettuce Ishbel! How adorable. Nice choice. And a blue hemlock?! Inspired. I love it.

    I am in dreaming mode with a pattern on Rav too and it’s all consuming!

  3. oooh, your Ishbel is going to be fantastic – I have been giving that some serious thought! What do you think of the ebook? Is it worth it for the patterns? Would love to know your thoughts on that, as I have thought of treating myself.

    A malabrigo Hemlock Ring is just dreamy!

  4. Mmmmm…between the madeleinetosh and the malabrigo, you’ve got some yummy yarns to work with there! Bet those will just keep your needles flying!

  5. What beautiful colors! I will have to check out those patterns.
    I spend much more time than necessary on Ravelry looking at finished projects for a project or yarn I have – too much!

  6. I bought the book too! I want to make the little doll and the mouse and the beret. I like your choice of colours.

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