Must Keep Knitting…

Warning: Once you start knitting Ishbel, you may find it impossible to stop.

Other activities such as sleeping, eating, or self grooming may tempt you into putting down the needles, but you will not be able to be gone long.  Ishbel will lure you back with her sexy yarn overs and fast paced lace charts.

I cast on Sunday afternoon, and by Tuesday had finished the first lace repeat.  I took Wednesday off from compulsively knitting, and am now working on the last chart.  It could be done this weekend…


May you be blessed with the same excitement over one of your projects this weekend!

9 thoughts on “Must Keep Knitting…

  1. Hey, are you using just 1 skein? I have a skein of the same yarn, and it seems too pretty for socks… (also, I may need a little break from socks, once I finish these last 6 pairs!)

  2. That is bee-yoo-tee-full! You’ve got me thinking now – I’ve a skein of brilliant fuschia sock yarn I couldn’t think of a sock pattern for – perhaps it actually wants to be a shawl! Hmmmm….

  3. Ooo! I’m in love with my Ishbel too, but I’m also having a torrid affair with Wisteria so it’s not coming along as quickly. I think you’ll beat me!

  4. oh thanks for the warning. When I start mine, I’ll be sure to clear the decks and have the time/space to give to addiction!

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