Lelah: Before and After

The whole thing with the mice also prompted me to refashion another finished knit that I still like and would love to wear.



  • Pattern: Lelah, original details here

  • Yarn: Calmer by Rowan in color 484



I did two things to make this more wearable for myself.  First, I changed out the ribbon from a shiny white to an embroidered brown grosgrain.  I love the combination of lavender and brown (my bedroom colors, incidentally) and looked long and hard for that ribbon!

Second, I went back and added the elastic that was suggested in the pattern to begin with.  Not having a sewing machine when I originally made this top led me down a series of rationalizations as to why I didn’t need elastic.  The truth is, I didn’t want to hand sew!  So I simply turned down the top edge and sewed a channel for some elastic cord to slide through.  It feels much more secure up top, and I may actually get to wear it this summer!

Do you have any knits that could come out of hiding with a quick adjustment here or there?  Is there something you have never worn or used?  Well, I’m here to encourage you to take the knits back and make those changes, give them away, or frog them and reuse the yarn.  Life is to short to let your knits languish in a dark closet!

7 thoughts on “Lelah: Before and After

  1. Wow! I have always found it amazing how changing one little detail (like the ribbon) can create such a visual impact! It was a nice project before and it’s even better now!

  2. Brown ribbon looks great and I can certainly understand wanting to feel more “secure” about wearing the top. It looks very nice on you by the way!

  3. It’s really inspiring seeing you making changes like this that really do make such a difference! The brown just makes it look so much … funkier.

  4. I actually made a Lelah in purple last year and the anti-hand-sewing bug hit me so I didn’t do elastic, either.

    After about 2 months of just sitting there I finally made it some little straps and wear it over a button up white shirt.

  5. First of all, THANK YOU! Love the socks, colorful and stripey, perfect for me. I love having something handmade likr that. Secondly, that top is adorable!

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