I may have spoken too soon about the return of my knitting mojo.

All was going well with my Spot Check socks for a couple of days.  I was happily knitting on, enjoying the playful way the colors were knitting up, daydreaming of cooler fall days when I could keep my feet warm and cheerful wearing them.

And then it came time to knit the heel.  I’ll admit, the fabric seemed a little tight.  I had anticipated this from previous experience with color work socks and cast on for the largest size.  Surely a 70-stitch sock would be large enough!


Not so.  After a couple of heel flap rows I decided I had better try the sock on before we got any further.  I could barely get the thing over my foot!  And what kills me is I had that feeling, that little niggle that tells you when something’s not quite right.  As knitters we should listen to this feeling as soon as it hits us, otherwise precious time can be wasted.

Turns out, casting on 70 stitches was only one of 2 ways in which the author suggests the knitting of a wearable 2-color sock.  The other, which I either missed or chose to ignore, was to go up a needle size after knitting the cuff.  Drat.

So, these are off to the frog pond.  As much as I think they’d make stellar fingerless gloves, I had my heart set on the socks.  So when my rage dies down and my mojo kicks back up, I will set about knitting these again.

13 thoughts on “Drat.

  1. It’s definitely hard to work up the motivation to start again after working so cheerfully on something that doesn’t work out.

    I think I’ve done this several times with socks, ending in a sock-drought until last night. Your sock motivation led me to start my own pair.

    I’ve found that knitting toe-up socks eliminates a lot of fitting issues.

  2. Oh no! And just when you had the mojo going again. The colors are very pretty, though, so hopefully you’ll be able to come back to the project again after a little break…

  3. So sorry it worked out that way, but at least you found out before they were finished! I always learn best by my mistakes….painful as that is!

  4. Isn’t this one of the supporting arguments for having multiple projects on the needles? ‘Cause sometime you gotta put one of them in the naughty corner for a while!

  5. What a bummer – they look so cute! I agree that they would make lovely fingerless gloves though. Oh, and I know you said your heart wasn’t in the hemlock ring, but that looked pretty gorgeous too…

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