Proud Auntie

I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to have a finished object.  So instead of showing you more of my works in progress, I’m going to share one of my sister’s greatest finished objects:

Meet Jackson, born just one week ago:


Clearly he feels triumphant about his arrival!

And because I’m a super proud auntie, I have to show you another photo of the new babe wearing a certain hand-knit hat.


Good thing I went with a rolled brim hat because this thing is huge on him!  For this reason it’s always wise to make baby knits a little bit flexible in the sizing, something that will fit through a variety of stages.  I think both these FOs are winners, don’t you?!

I’m so proud of my sister and can’t wait to see this little guy in a few weeks!


18 thoughts on “Proud Auntie

  1. Oh yeah – that’s a great pose! I’m almost surprised he doesn’t have his little fingers in a “V for victory” position! But the clenched fists work well too!

    I swear – babies grow so darn fast I’ve given up on knitting actual baby hats or shoes, blankets seem safer!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Woohoo! He is so handsome…. And that blue animal-covered outfit looks familiar…. I think that a certain Jasper may have one too….

  3. Wow! That looks like a heavty little project your sister made there! Hehe. Beautiful baby! >_< Congrats on being an Auntie! Now you have more reasons to knit with soft snuggly yarn….hehe
    ❤ Em

  4. What a precious little life! This little guy is so lucky to have a knitting auntie.

  5. Awww – he is so adorable! I love how triumphant he looks in the top photo! And the hat looks great on him too!

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