Yarn in a Box

My mailbox has been bustling with wonderful boxes full of goodies.  One is something I won on a blog giveaway, the other a gift from a friend halfway around the world.  I tell, you there’s nothing like receiving a box of special treats; I plan on sending out some care packages in the very near future to pass on this great feeling.

First, I was the lucky winner of a blog giveaway last month at Knitting Siamese. There were great things in the package, the highlight of which was a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in Abril.


I also love the project bag, which of course features a slinking Siamese cat…


These lovelies arrived the day before I left town, so I didn’t get much time to fully appreciate them.  Rest assured, time was spent yesterday petting the Malabrigo and finding an appropriate new knitting project for that bag.

And when I returned from my vacation, I was delighted to find a stamp-covered package all the way from Hekiknits in Australia!  She and I have been friends through a mutual group on Ravelry, and have really supported each other through some ups and downs.  I feel very fortunate to have a pen pal like her, especially now that she’s sending me yarn and chocolate!


I love tasting treats from other countries.  Apparently there’s a method of eating one of these cookies called the “Tim Tam Slam” that I need to try out immediately!  What are some goodies from America that I can send her way?

Now that we’re back home, things are settling in to a nice summer routine.  So far this has included some knitting, yard work, Sweetie making dinner, and general sorting out of the household affairs.  Good, normal life stuff that is making me feel very content.  Especially around dinner time when a plate of food magically appears in front of me!  How is your summer shaping up?

5 thoughts on “Yarn in a Box

  1. Summer? I think not. We are wrapped up in layers of woolly goodness stuffing our faces with winter comfort food here!

    I haven’t tried malabrigo sock yarn and it’s becomnig glaringly obvious I simply must!

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