Well, it happened again.  I went out of town and this whole blogging thing really slipped my mind.  Of course, I didn’t take my laptop to Tennessee, assuming our cabin in the mountains would not have any sort of Internet connection.  Knitters, was I wrong!  Not only did this place have wireless, it had a hot tub, a flat-screen television in every bedroom, and super comfy beds.  This was not exactly what I had pictured when we decided to join in on a family reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains!

At sunrise
At sunrise

I took a new knitting project along with me, hoping to have a break through and get excited about knitting again.  To do this, I turned to an old friend, Ishbel.  Though I had made the pattern before, it turned out a little small and I wanted to try again in a bigger size.


Time spent away from TV and the Internet left me with plenty of moments with the kids, or knitting on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the Sha-Kon-O-Hey of the smoky blues.  I was able to finish the stockinette portion of Ishbel and was feeling pretty excited about it.

Then I got home and back onto Ravelry and well…let’s just say I got distracted.  Add the bible of fall knitting, Interweave Knits, into the mix and I am in a conundrum.  What to knit?  I feel uninspired by socks for the moment, something I didn’t think I’d say just a few months ago.  The overwhelming urge to knit anything for baby hasn’t hit yet, though I keep looking at patterns and my stash… That leaves me thinking maybe I should knit myself a cardigan for fall/winter, something that buttons at the top and drapes open a la Juliet, Shalom, or Liesl.  Any suggestions?

And just for fun:

Giant pickle at Dollywood...who could resist?
Giant pickle at Dollywood…who could resist?

Have a great weekend, y’all!

10 thoughts on “Sha-Kon-O-Hey

  1. Yay for unexpected pleasantries 🙂 And it sounds like you had a great time away. I *just* finished knitting Shalom (worsted weight yarn with some mods, ~500 yards, 6 days start to finish!) and would totally recommend it!

  2. Breathtaking pictures!

    You look fantastic, girlfriend.

    And if you are more than welcome to join the Sweater KAL that starts tomorrow if you need incentive to kick your knitting back into high gear.

    Here’s the link:

  3. I am so envious of your travels since I am firmly planted at home this year. That was a lovely shot of the sunrise and an especially lovely shot of you and your “bump”!

  4. This looks like a good trip (loved the postcard BTW). More importantly, you look beautiful! I wish I was there!

  5. Hey there.

    I saw a low of people knitting the february lady, and they seem to drape well over the baby bumps.

    Also, the tilted duster.

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