Bet You Can’t Knit Just One

Not much to report on this Monday.  We had a quiet weekend full of relaxing, completing some little projects around the house, movie watching, and some sewing and bib-knitting.  Seriously, I cannot stop knitting cotton bibs.  I don’t know what has come over me, whether it’s the Lays potato chip phenomenon (“Bet you can’t knit just one”), or an inability to focus on anything other than garter stitch, but it’s out of control.  I have literally pulled all the cotton out of my stash and put it next to my knitting chair and am methodically knitting my way through it.  When I realized I had a skein each of white, cream, and a different shade of cream left, I had to go out and buy some colors to go with all those neutrals.  And thus the cycle continues.

My main knitting spot.

After listening to the most recent episode of Stash and Burn, I am feeling validated in this approach.  Not only am I using up more yarn than I have purchased (at least for this particular project set), I am ostensibly getting a head start on Single Skein September.  This is a little thing they do over there each September which urges listeners to knit smaller projects to use up some of the single skeins in our stashes.  I’m fairly sure I participated last year by knitting one neck-warmer after another.  Hmmm…another knitting phase I went through…

Anyway, I am thinking about participating since all I can really handle these days is the smaller, instant-gratification type knits.  Plus, I have plenty of single skeins in my stash that I have accumulated over the last year.  I even have some single skeing projects on the needles that I would like to finish up in September, so any way you look at it I’ll be playing along.  If you want to play too, go over to the Stash and Burn Groupies group on Ravelry and check it out.  There will be prizes…

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