It’s been a great weekend around here.


Some highlights:

Sweetie surprising me outside my Saturday  morning yoga class.  The car was packed with a picnic and beach towels and off we went to the shore.  It was lovely.

Sushi dinner with friends.

Casting on a new knitting project on Saturday night before sushi dinner because you just can’t wait until later!


Doggie playdate for Big Martha & her friend Hugo.  She drank some funky pond water and had diarrhea all night, which was less fun.

That moment when you’re sitting in a movie theater and the lights go down and the first preview starts.  Perfect.

Sleeping in a room that is cool not from the air conditioning but from the actual air outside.


Getting good photos of your cats enjoying a lazy weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

4 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Hello, I’m a newbie, having found you through the Cast-on blog and podcast. Just wanted to say I love the beret! So that’s one Christmas present sorted, all the rest to go! I was hoping to find a podcast as I have plenty of listening time on my hands. Did there used to be one?
    Thanks for the hat idea.

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