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This week I have been a monogamous knitter.  This rarely happens, and I’m enjoying the benefits of focusing on one project.  I can see progress much faster than in the past when I set this project aside to knit other, quicker projects.  I started this back in July, just before heading off on vacation, thinking it would be a quick knit.  After all, I had knit this once before relatively quickly! This version has been on the needles about 2 months, and the weather is getting cooler; I felt motivated to finish this up so I can add it to my wardrobe asap!


The pattern I am speaking of is Ishbel, a viral knit that has enchanted knitters across the globe.  It is enticing for several reasons: it’s knit with fingering weight yarn; the lace is interesting yet manageable; the size is right to wear as a scarf.  I’m sure we all have our own reasons for knitting one (or more) of these lovely woolen accessories!

I am knitting this version out of a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in Abril.  The first version I made was the smaller size, and I have been hoping to eke out the large from this skein.  Today I finished up the last repeat before beginning the edging, so I am well on my way to finishing up in a couple of days.  Fingers crossed that I have enough yarn!  I think I’ll add a life line at this point; that way if I run out of yarn, I can do the edging in a complimentary color and it might make sense.


When I haven’t been working away on this shawl, I’ve been at the sewing machine.  This week I’ve added a few more finished items to the baby pile: flannel receiving blankets!  I lucked out on a 40% off sale at JoAnne Fabrics a few weeks ago and really stocked up on flannel.  The fabrics really run the range of colors and patterns, and I picked what I liked regardless of gender implications.  So no, I don’t know what’s brewing in there!


I haven’t been following a pattern, as such.  Each blanket is made from a yard of fabric, with about 4 inches cut off from the selvage edge to create a more square shape.  Then I’ve been ironing the edges into a 1/2-inch fold twice and then sewing up the sides.  Easy-peasy and much faster than knitting a blanket!

Ishbel is sitting on the ottoman across the room, just staring at me… better get back to work!

4 thoughts on “In the Works

  1. Oh, Malabrigo Sock is such luscious yarn, and the color is so enticing! How can you stand not picking it up every moment? Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Good luck on making it to the end without running out!

  2. Man those look so cute! I almost went and bought some but I’m in the market of buying some organic fabrics and PUL to make cloth diapers and cloth wipes!!! So the flannel will have to wait, and hopefully go on sale again!!!

  3. Love the shawl, I keep looking at the pattern and having do-I don’t-I thoughts.
    The fabrics for the receiving blankets are lovely. Have you considered a hemming foot? Once you get the hang of how to use one they are the best thing, I got mine while I was pregnant and have used it loads.

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