Blogtoberfest 2009

I’ve been thinking over the pros and cons of participating in Blogtoberfest, a challenge to write a blog post every day in October, for a few days now.  Mostly I think it will be an interesting challenge, but part of me is also terrified that I won’t have anything interesting to say.  What happens when, on day 17 say, all I do is stay home in my pajamas and do laundry?  On the other hand, I like writing, and this could be just the external motivation I need to push myself a little farther.

So I will inevitably need to push the boundaries of this blog past knitting, gently exploring other areas of my creative and everyday life (the two don’t always coincide, as I’m sure you’ll see).  Fortunately for all of us, I do have some exciting fiber-related activities coming up that will be fun to document and share.  Rhinebeck, anyone?  I’m also planning to take a photo every day, sort of a mini Project 365 challenge.  Is there anything you’d like to see me write about?

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure during the month of October.  There will be knitting, sewing, travel, and at least one day where I don’t get out of my pajamas. See you tomorrow for Day One!

4 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest 2009

  1. What day are you going to Rhinebeck? We are planning on heading up on the 17th! Maybe we will see you there!
    Best of luck on the Blog-toberfest!

  2. Enjoy Rhinebeck for me! I am firmly planted in Colorado this year, but it marks a year since we met, face to face!!! As for the blogtoberfest, it is out of the question for me, since my hub is having back surgery on the 14th and my Mom is moving into a senior residence at the end of the month. Talk about the sandwich generation: I am getting it from both sides AND the middle. I will post as much as I can, and follow yours, of course.

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