Day 2

I tried to make this blanket bigger.  I really did, in about 3 different ways.  But there truly was not enough yarn left to go around this thing one more time, even for a measly single crochet edging.  So I guess it’s done then, my first crochet project!


  • Pattern: Granny Square Baby Blanket, no official pattern just one big square
  • Yarn:  Red Heart Ltd. Soft Yarn Solids, 3 balls or approx 768 yards
  • Hook: G/ 4 mm
  • Notes: Finished blanket measures 29 inches square.

My friend Katie taught me how to make granny squares.  We got this particular square started next to the campfire in the White Mountains last summer.  That’s why I packed the acrylic yarn: I knew it would be exposed to dirt and twigs and campfire smoke.  It has held up remarkably well considering the fact it has been through all of that, plus being stuffed in and out of a basket and laid on by cats for over a year.


Maxwell tried to claim the finished blanket as his own.  We’ll see.

I’ve decided that crochet is kind of fun.  I don’t actually know much of anything about crochet, aside from the motions required to produce this blanket, and even then I couldn’t tell you what those motions are called or how I got the whole thing started.  It’s unclear to me whether I’d actually be able to follow any sort of pattern with this knowledge, but it seems to have worked to have someone show me the motions.  And that’s a great way to learn a needle craft, wouldn’t you say?


I enjoy the rhythm of making loops and chains and those elegant shell-thingies.  I like how you can just make a stitch anywhere you want, and there’s really no need to count or keep track of much (at least in this project). Wake up when you get to the corner and make two shells in one empty space, then keep cruisin’ until the next corner.  And if you need to go back or rip something out?  Go ahead!  There’s no tinking or backward knitting, dropped stitches or messing up the pattern.  Just one loop.  Simple, quick, and thoroughly enjoyable.

P.S. Can you block acrylic yarn?  The square is going a bit wonky and the last row wants to curl in.

8 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. From what I understood, blocking acrylic really doesn’t do anything… But I’ve never tried it.

    I did the post a day thing as a challenge for myself last year. It is fun and you find things to blog about! I tried it for a whole year, well that didn’t end so well… haha. I think I ended in March, when I found out I was pregnant.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet! It’s very simple and if you Google “learn to crochet” you’ll find tons of helpful sites that will show you the basics. Also there are a lot of instructional videos on YouTube which I usually find really helpful.

    Oh, and yes, you can block acrylic. Steam + acrylic = good, drapey fabric. 🙂

  3. I love the colors that you chose first of all. Secondly, it’s the perfect size for a stroller or carseat.

    I was thisclose to joining the challenge, but chickened out. Maybe next year. 🙂

  4. I’ve never successfully blocked acrylic. If you figure out a way, please post it! Good luck!

  5. lovely!!! I think granny squares are a great place to start with crochet. You’ve got the basics now. You can treble and you can do chains. You’re all set.

    You are making me nostalgic for crochet blankets. I think I need to set aside a bunch of left over stash for just this kind of project.

  6. I’ve just popped over from Tinniegirl, and my first thought was ‘That’s not knitting!’! But I love it anyway 😉 I started my crochet journey with a granny square blanket (still in the WIP pile, I’m afraid, but nearly done!), and I’ve finished a few other things in the last 9 months, including a baby cardigan. Lots of fun!

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