Day 14

Things have been in a bit of a state of upheaval around the house this week.  We had a new sink and countertops installed on Monday.  This involved a bit of prep work on our part, removing the items from all our lower cabinets.  I don’t know about you, but these drawers and cabinets are like little mines, full of both treasures and dark forgotten corners.  We have only lived in this house for about a year and a half, so things weren’t so far gone that I discovered utensils or bakeware I had completely forgotten about.  But seeing it all strewn across the dining room table and in various piles around the living area, I felt a little overwhelmed.  Do I really need 3 whisks, 3 springform pans, or a George Foreman grill?  When was the last time I made a cheesecake or grilled a tiny piece of meat indoors, anyway?


So in putting things back together, I have been careful to do so with intention.  Each hand tool and pot has been looked at and judged, shined up where needed, and either nestled away in its new home or put in a pile for charity.  I also lined the drawers and that atrocious under sink cabinet with pretty shelf paper, so there is a cheerful little surprise inside.

The countertops are stunning, and the whole kitchen looks much better.  Things are still a work in progress as we have yet to choose and install a tile backsplash.  But once that has been accomplished, things will be positively beautiful.  And the To Do list will be done.  Whew!

All this and I have yet to mention my favorite part: the sink.  I have long dreamed of a sink this beautiful, this functional, this generous.  It is wide and deep and integrated into the countertop for an elegant, seamless look.  I day dream of wiping a pile of toast crumbs directly from the counter into the sink without having to feel them in my hand first.  Life is all about the little things, after all.


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