Day 19

I’m feeling a bit speechless about my Rhinebeck 09 experience this morning.  All I can really come up with are snippets, moments, and snapshots from the weekend to share.

  • It was cold, but not as cold or wet as we were all expecting.
  • It was crowded, and I had to shield the belly from a few eager festival-goers as they hurried toward the goodies.
  • Standing in line for the fried artichokes was totally worth it.  I got the “French” preparation.


  • I saw a couple of bloggers I like but didn’t introduce myself.
  • Had a great time walking around with my friend Striped Socks and her mom.  They are excellent shoppers, and I had to restrain myself from sneaking a few of their skeins into my bag when they weren’t looking!


  • We had our Verity hats photographed by Pinneguri.  She put together a gorgeous mosaic of Rhinebeck hats here.
  • Enjoyed seeing the multiple layers of knits most people had on.  I noticed a lot of vibrant colorwork projects this year and am now thinking of making Selbu Modern.
  • Met Ysolda Teague.  She reached out and petted my Ishbel, so I took that as an invitation to talk!
Ysolda as Bob.  She knit that in a week!
Ysolda as Bob. She knit that in a week!
  • Ate my first pumpkin pie of the season.
  • Only bought 3 skeins of yarn as a result of being indecisive and overwhelmed by the throngs of people.


  • Met some great people at the Ravelry party, and saw some old friends there as well.  Got a goody bag!

It’s always exciting and comforting to be surround by your People, people who get what you like to do and understand what it’s like to be a part of that unique little world.  In my experience, Rhinebeck is the ultimate gathering place for these People who like yarn and wool, spinning, crochet, and knitting, sheep, alpaca, and Border collies…  No one asks why you knit, or judges how you buy your fiber.  We’re all there to revel in the goodness together, connect with other people who like the same things as us, and be inspired by it all.  Anytime I get to spend like that is a good time.

6 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. It was so nice to meet you and Stripedsocks! I felt the same about the Festival – lots of common interest, support and friendliness. And great inspiration!

  2. Fried artichokes…yum! Also glad you had fun. I’m inspired to bring a project with me….there isn’t much I’d rather be doing than sitting around knitting with my girls and the little ones! XOXO

  3. Aren’t fiber festivals great? So much fun! So much over-stimulation…

    You should have said hi to Glenna; she’s a sweetheart! I met her at Sock Summit; she’s so friendly!

  4. You should have said hi! I promise I don’t bite. In fact I tend to be down right cheery. If I’d known you were going to be there I would have suggested a little meet up. Ah well, there’s always next time! I’m glad you had fun. It was pretty amazing!

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