Day 21

I am still in a baby-knitting, baby-making phase, wildly casting on new projects for little heads, feet, hands and bodies.  As a knitter I have this fantastic skill that must be put to use when trying to keep my babe warm this winter, don’t you think?  And because I have access to all this soft wool, Angora, cotton and such, it is my obligation and pleasure to knit up a winter wardrobe to warm the extremities of all who live here.  So in between baby projects (or every two or three) I plan to keep making hats and such for the grown ups.  Maybe it’s the impending cold weather, or the uncertainty as to exactly how much time I’ll have to knit in a couple months, but I’m sure trying to fit in as much knitting as I can right now.

In that spirit, I whipped up this little hat.  It sort of looks like a curled up armadillo, or a wee woolen helmet; picture a cute baby face in there, with the strap going under the chin.


Pattern: Aviatrix by Justine Turner (free Ravelry download) 0-6 month size

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Pollen, about 25 grams or 55 yards

Needles: US 7/4.5mm

Mods: I did a few extra decreases to make a point at the end of the strap.

This pattern challenged my ability to trust the instructions and just knit along.  I wasn’t sure how it was going ot turn into a hat, nor was I sure about the whole “wrap and turn” business.  After getting started and being inexplicably confused, I pulled the thing out at knitting night and lamented. Phrases like “Why exactly do you have to bring the yarn to the front and then turn?” and “But it leaves a strand across the stockinette stitches and that looks weird!” left my mouth more than once.  I was reassured and encouraged to just keep going.

Of course, when I got home I stalked every finished Aviatrix hat on Ravelry to see if they had the same lumps, bumps and holes I did.  I could definitely tell on other hats where the wraps happened, but they are more camouflaged in tweedy or semisolid yarns.  Here’s mine up close and dirty.  Any suggestions?

This is the most accurate photo for color

Aside from what may only be a cosmetic imperfection, I am really pleased with how this hat turned out.  It seems impossibly small, and I find myself wondering if a baby so tiny needs a hat with a chin strap.  Seems more useful when they get bigger and want to rip the knits off their heads!  It’s really a great excuse to use a button, and I am always looking for such an opportunity!


What’s your favorite baby knit?

7 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Adorable hat! I have some yarn I think would be perfect for it, but it’s not superwash and I think maybe only a knitter would think that was ok.

    Anyway–I think the unevenness at the wrap is pretty normal. I always have one stitch which is longer than it should be, and when I’m feeling compulsive I sometimes distribute the extra yarn over a couple of stitches to hide it. Otherwise, it smooths out over time.

  2. I really enjoyed knitting the Wraplan sweater for Anne. It was one of my knitting projects that I was most proud.

  3. I’m going to have to try that using Cat Bordhi’s wrap and turn and concealing wraps; it’s a little different than the others I’ve used (and hated). Try this here:

    Cute hat!

  4. I think that’s an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby heart hat. Recall seeing it in a book I don’t have.

  5. Hi, I got here wondering abt the sizing on this pattern, but yr baby is not here yet & I can’t wait, lol. I see yr wrap-showing question, and have you blocked the hat yet? I believe a good, soaking-wet blocking will smooth it out. Good luck!

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