Neon Bandit

  • Pattern: Silk Kerchief by Kate Gagnon Osborn Ravelled here
  • Yarn: ShibuiKnits sock in colors 5130 (multi) and 2955 (dark teal), 1 skein each.  I did not use the full skein of multi, but ran out of the teal (191 yds).
  • Needles: US size 4/ 3.5 mm
  • Mods: I knit the stripes until this was approximately the size of my small Ishbel shawl.  Then I switched to the teal color and made increases to form a ruffle as described here.  Although I just noticed she did hers in garter stitch where mine is in stockinette; maybe that’s why mine curls in so much?  It was my intention to knit the entire ruffle in the solid color, but I underestimated the amount of yarn needed and had to bind off with the multi.

All in all this was a breeze to knit, and a I had a lot of fun with the color combo.  On its own the multi-colored yarn is a bit bright, reminding me of Play-Doh and neon accessories from the 80s.  When tempered with this lovely, multifaceted dark teal, it takes on more of a magical quality.  I love it.

I’ve been inclined to wear this bandit-style (above), but it also turned out to be a nice shawl size.  I blocked the living daylights out of it to get a little more width, which I found was the only downfall of this pattern.  The increases are only made on the front of the scarf, which resulted in a triangle that seemed to get more deep than wide.  If I were to make this again, I would probably make increases along each edge on both sides of the work.

Lately I have been knitting up a storm, trying to finish up holiday gifts, knits for me, and anything I can get my hands on really.  Apparently I overdid it because I woke up on Wednesday with sore, swollen hands and couldn’t knit for two days.  Two days!  That’s an eternity for me under normal circumstances, but was especially alarming when I still felt the urgent need to knit and was hampered by such a silly thing as hand pain.  It sure made me hope for continued good hand health; I can’t imagine having to give up knitting!

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend, full of all the knitting you (and your hands) desire.

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