Holiday on Hold?

I’ve been feeling the holiday spirit coming on bit by bit, slowly but surely this year.  We decided early on to save ourselves the energy (physically and financially) of putting up exterior lights.  Then that restraint worked its way indoors when we decided not to put up a tree.  The reasoning behind that was we would be too tired with new baby activities to take down the tree later.  I’m not a total Scrooge, though.  There’s some greenery and twinkle lights up on the mantle, the holiday music is playing continuously, and Sweetie and I joined forces to make some delicious holiday cookies.

Citrus Sugar Cookies from Everyday Food, December 2009 (minus the citrus)

As the weather turns colder, and Christmas draws near, I am second-guessing the whole not putting up a tree business.  We received a nice package of gifts yesterday from Sweetie’s parents, and there are more on the way from my side of the family.  Just where do you put beautifully wrapped gifts if not under a glowing evergreen?  They just look sort of sad piled on the floor or a table.  Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to snuggle with a new baby in the glow of a nice tree? (can you tell I’m getting anxious to meet the little one?!)

Let me go make some tea, eat one of these gorgeous cookies and think about this some more.

3 thoughts on “Holiday on Hold?

  1. they look awesome and yummy!

    we don’t have a tree either… i’m kinda bummed about it, but know we are better off not have one this year. i did decorate the mantle tho.

  2. My whole married life we’ve bought a Charlie Brown tree and put it in it’s holder on a box so it looked bigger and it was easier to dispose of.
    Now we have an artificial tree (from Lowes) that is not large, easy to put up, easy to take down and no needles.
    I would rethink the No Tree idea and just take it down right after Christmas.
    The cookies look awesome!

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