Sunday Snow Day

I love going to sleep at night when the world is dark, quiet and dry, then waking up in the morning to piles of fluffy white snow.  The effect is made even more magical when it happens on a weekend and we don’t have anywhere to go!

Since the beginning of our day was sure to entail plenty of time outside in the cold (shovelling, playing with Big Martha), I wanted to get us of to a hearty start.  Egg Benedict is my absolute favorite breakfast treat to order when we go out.  I believe a breakfast place’s worth can be measured in the quality of their sauce, the consistency of the poached egg.  I have searched America for the very best plate of eggs Benedict (it’s not at Denny’s, I assure you), and have had some pretty good versions.  And yet I had never put my own skills to the challenge.  Until today!  I made the sauce, Sweetie did the eggs, and we used bacon because that’s all we had in the house.

It was delicious.  And best of all: not so hard to make!  Recipe here.

After breakfast it was time to get out and play in the snow.  Big M loves the stuff, and it’s always a treat to watch her run, roll, and lick the snow.  She is always a little stumped about where to go to the bathroom though, as you’ll see…

My little family blazes ahead of me…

Funny or gross?  I was laughing hysterically…

My sister read that swinging can help bring on labor.  It just brought on Martha’s attack mode.

The rest of the day has included a little baking, a doze on the couch, some crazy nesting activites (I dusted a plant.  When have I ever dusted a plant?!), and plenty of time on Ravelry “pretend” knitting hats I would like to be making today.  Yep, I’m still benched.  But I did find a little something involving sticks and wool to take the edge off.  More on that another time.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, whether you’re snowed in or enjoying a heat wave.  Knit a row for me.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Snow Day

  1. Seriously, killing me! All I can think about is you guys in the snow. . .WAITING and then WAITING some more. So excited for you guys!

  2. At least Big Martha is tall enough to clear the ground! My two have to find the places with the least amount of snow or else you can tell they get completely grossed out. 😉

  3. SO ther eis a wine that they sell at Bishops, Amazing Grace. It is a cranberry wine. On a Tuesday they told my sister she wasn’t dilated at all, and she would be pregnant for Christmas. Wednesday, she had a few sips of the wine at my aunts house.

    She went into labor during the night, and the rest is Patrick James History.

    Send Sweetie for some wine (a sip won’t hurt you)

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