Fuzzy Feet

Christmas Eve I woke up with the inspiration to get started on a pair of booties for Peaceful Baby.  The entire time I’ve been pregnant I have wanted to knit some booties out of a turquoise Angora yarn from the stash.  For some reason I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, and in my desire to have this baby immediately, I actually thought “Maybe s/he is waiting until I knit those booties to be born.”  I thought the same thing about several other insignificant daily “signs”, but so far no baby.

Anyway, back to the booties.  My hands don’t hurt as much in the evenings as they do in the morning (something about fluid accumulating in the joints while lying down), so I have been able to get in a little knitting the past few days.  I knit the first one on Christmas Eve, then forced myself to wait until the next day to finish up the second one.

  • Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees, free pattern here (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Annie Blatt Angora Super, color 741, about 35 yards
  • Needles: US size 4/3.5 mm
  • Mods: I inadvertently skipped knitting a few plain rows before casting off for the straps.  I didn’t notice this until knitting the second one, and decided it wasn’t noticeable.  Baby feet are small!

This is another fast a fun pattern.  I had made a pair once before with leftover sock yarn, and was pleased with how it knit up in the decidedly more fuzzy Angora.  The flying fuzz gave my nose a tickle though, so I’m hoping it’s not a problem for baby.  Does anyone know if the shed factor goes down after blocking?  For some reason I’m afraid to get them wet, like it will ruin the halo effect and just make the booties look matted.  I know that’s probably not the case, and as Sweetie kindly pointed out, Angora rabbits do get wet in the rain… and then the yarn gets wet when it is dyed…

6 thoughts on “Fuzzy Feet

  1. Those are gorgeous! I was convinced if I made/did certain little things labour would start.

    On the wrist/hand thing, I suffered terribly while pregnant, to the point that I would be woken up by the pain, then I mentioned it to my chiro and he did something to my joints that hurt like crazy at first then brought relief, finally. Might be worth looking into?

  2. If you want to go into labor, you need to clean out your fridge, like take everything out and scrub it to death!!!!

    The booties in that turquoise with the red buttons are adorable! I want a pair in my size!!!

  3. They are so adorable and fluffy in that lovely angora! I hope you had a good Christmas and wish you all the best for the exciting year you’ve got ahead!

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