Baby Knits in Action

The baby knits have already been put to good use around here.

PB wore Aviatrix home from the hospital.  It was the perfect size to cover tiny ears, and really stayed put.

After she decided to reject our attempts at swaddling, I pulled out the kicking sack.  While I was knitting this, more than one person seemed to humor me, not really getting its practical application.  But let me tell you, the merino keeps those legs warm while allowing baby to curl up or kick out all she wants.  She’s been sleeping in it at night ever since!

As it turns out, PB takes after me and was born with long feet (as long as my index finger, in fact!).  I thought I had better try to put Saartje’s Bootees on her while they had the best chance of fitting.  They are just right, and will probably be too small by next week.  Still, they were a fun knit and will be nice to save.

I have to admit, there was a little voice telling me that maybe I shouldn’t be putting a newborn in all this wool.  But my inner knitter prevailed, and we are covering her in the stuff until/unless there’s a problem.  So far so good!

And on a practical note: I have a new blog, Peaceful Mom, that will be devoted to my new life as a stay at home mom.  That way, this space stays true to its original purpose of being a chronicle of my knitting adventures.  So if you want to see more baby and less knitting, head on over here.  Peace!

7 thoughts on “Baby Knits in Action

  1. PeacefulBaby looks great in the handknits! Anyway, I am now thinking about the kicking sack for others I know who are expecting – it’s a different knit to complete, and you’ve seen it in action!

  2. i reckon the kicking sack would be brilliant. I know I’d use one in winter here. They kick blankets off all the time – something to keep them warm but with movement allowed is a great idea !

  3. Just gorgeous colors on the kick sack — a clever idea too!

    And let me say, though, that baby feeties always steal the show — how precious!

    Beth J.

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