Mitts & a Rant

Here’s another pair of New Moon-Inspired fingerless gloves, finished last month.  This post almost got lost in the shuffle, but that does not indicate a lack of enthusiasm over the mitts themselves.  They were quick to knit and have been put to good use, living in the pockets of my winter coat.  The struggle was simply over getting photos taken, a problem that was solved just today as I ran outside to snap a couple shots with record speed.  It’s cold out there!

  • Pattern: New Moon Inspired Alice Cullen Fingerless Mittens (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Paints/Hand dyed in color 9849
  • Needles:  US 8/ 5 mm double points
  • Mods: I knit a plain round or two after making the thumb hole and before starting the ribbing.

This is such a quick and simple pattern; I would highly recommend it as a stashbusting, brain-mellowing project.  The only hitch is that this formerly free pattern has been retracted and is no longer available for download.  This was brought to my attention when a reader emailed me asking where I found the pattern as she couldn’t locate it online.  I looked it up on Ravelry to see if it was from an outside website, only to find this message:

“Sorry, but this pattern has been removed because it is under contract to be published in Vampire Knits fall 2010.” –Ravelry pattern page here


Forgive me for a moment while I rant.

I enjoyed this pattern, but it’s certainly not something so clever and groundbreaking that a person couldn’t figure out how to do it from the photo.  To remove a free pattern from circulation and hold it back for publication at a (much) later date seems a little silly.  Especially since the pattern has already been made hundreds of times by Ravellers.  Why not keep the pattern for free since it’s so out there already?

In the scheme of things, this isn’t a very important or big deal, it just rubs me the wrong way.  Anyway…

I really liked this yarn!  The colors have a slightly faded out quality, blending nicely one into the other.  These mitts have already become a staple in my winter wardrobe as the wool seems soft yet hard-wearing.  They take such a scant amount of yarn to make that I’m sure there’s plenty left over to make a matching hat.

3 thoughts on “Mitts & a Rant

  1. You’re not alone. I also was just on Ravelry and was admiring your mittens and noticed that when I checked out the pattern. Kinda like closing the barn door after the horse got out, don’tcha think?

    By the way, the blanket is on it’s way to you. 🙂

  2. What in the world? I think I still have my copy (fingers crossed) or I will be a little miffed.
    I also find it rediculous.

    That all being said, your mits are adorable and I love the yarn you used. An amazing job, once again!

  3. I agree with your rant. The mittens are cute and all, and I like your colors, but seriously? The pattern is being published? There are so many fingerless mitten patterns out there and this one doesn’t strike me as that special… On the other hand, I don’t think I’m in the target audience for “vampire knits”.

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