Medal-worthy Knitting

My Olympic Knitting project is complete!

I set out with fairly low standards for myself, committing to finishing one small project during the span of the Olympic games. If anything else got finished in that time frame, it would be a fantastic bonus.

So after a strong start on this hat, it sat for a couple days while other things took priority (sleep!).  Later, I was only able to work on it for a few minutes at a time. The main part of the hat even sat finished for a day or two before I was able to pick it up and knit the earflaps. Fortunately those take hardly any time at all.

  • Pattern: Happy Hour Cappy from Pints and Purls (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Ella Rae Latte in color 08, about 130 yards
  • Needles: US size 7/ 4.5mm
  • Mods: Since I knew I wanted to add the earflaps, I started with about 8 rows of garter stitch.  I then picked up 18 stitches for each flap.

The pattern is for a basic cabled hat.  I decided to add the garter stitch brim to give the whole thing a little more structure and to provide a point onto which I could add the earflaps.  I know there are plenty of great hat patterns out there that include the flaps, but I wanted some texture in the body of the hat, and I wasn’t up for much pattern browsing.  Sad, that.  So after a quick flip through a couple of my pattern books, this is what I came up with.  It was the perfect amount of activity for my tired brain, and provided great texture for this single-ply yarn.

Speaking of the yarn, it was not my favorite to work with.  Ella Rae Latte is an interesting combination of fibers, blending 30% Alpaca, 30% Milk, and 40% Microfiber. The loose twist leads to a bit of splitting and fuzzing, which were a little frustrating to deal with. I do love how the knit up fabric feels, and the cables look pretty dandy too. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, but I don’t think I’ll be knitting with this yarn again anytime soon. I happen to have an extra ball, so if you’d like to see for yourself what this yarn is like, leave a comment and I will draw a random winner on Monday 3/1.

3 thoughts on “Medal-worthy Knitting

  1. The yarn does look like it has a nice sheen to it, but from your close up photos it also looks a bit fuzzy. Not so good for a sweater, but the hat looks great.

  2. Fuzzy! But the hat looks great. I like how you just decided to add ear flaps. How did you decide where on the hat you wanted them? (Ears aren’t exactly at the halfway point…)

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