Out & About

Peaceful Baby was seen around town this past weekend sporting a colorful hand-knit, mama-made sweater.

She really seemed to enjoy wearing it.  It almost looks like she’s dreaming of more knit sweaters…

I know I am!

As with any project, it is immensely satisfying to see the finished product being put to good use.

Especially one made months ago when I was only dreaming of the day I would meet this little one.

Now she’s here and wearing that very sweater!  Amazing…

What dreams are you knitting up?


5 thoughts on “Out & About

  1. So cute! I love the multi-colored buttons. PB looks like she has a really expressive face. Perhaps it’s not intentional this point, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

  2. Right now I am knitting up a springtime scarf that I’ve already dreamed will look casual cool paired with a lightweight sweater. Vancouver gets pretty warm sometimes but a scarf is always needed as I get chilly easily.

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