Kitty Nest

I heard the crinkling of paper and then a suspicious silence.  Later, I went up to my craft room to fetch a pattern book and noticed that a bag of recently acquired wool had tipped over.  Darn cat, I thought.  When I went to pick up the bag, I noticed that it was suspiciously heavy.

Can’t say I blame him, though.  I often want to do the very same thing!

10 thoughts on “Kitty Nest

  1. I love the hat. I have often thought about making myself an earflap hat and never thought about using a favorite pattern and adding them….DUH!

    Love the color of the yarn as well, it looks so nice Iimagine that even with the yarn’s limitations you must feel it was well worth the effort.

  2. I’m impressed that your yarn is still in working condition. I’m pretty sure that my two cats would have the claws out and have had a field day with such a find. This is why they have to stay out of the knitting room. 🙂

  3. My cats both love to snuggle with/in yarn, but NEVER bother it otherwise….no chewing or playing or whatever. So I indulge them because it’s so cute when they’re laying in a bag of yarn. I’m such a pushover.

  4. You mean to tell me that the LYS WASN’T giving away a kitty with every purchase? Oh man! 😉

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