Fresh Start

Last week my little family loaded up the station wagon and embarked upon a 2-day driving adventure to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

People keep telling me that now is the time to travel, as infants sleep so much of the time.  And that was true!  PB slept about 90% of the time in the car, which provided me with a lot of time to knit, snooze, and binge on road food snacks.

One morning I ate a Hostess cupcake, some beef jerky, and orange juice.  It was delicious.

This week I’m trying to eat more vegetables.

The sunrises were beautiful.

We also drove down to Savannah, Georgia and took in the spring beauty.  Lots of blooms and green to be seen.

It was so sunny down south that we went searching for a sun hat for little PB.  We found them, and were briefly tempted to buy some sunglasses, too.

Despite this cuteness, we refrained.

Coming home from vacation always feels like I get a fresh start at my life.  The routine has been disrupted, and so it is a time to step forward with intention.  Begin as you intend to go forward, so to speak. The bulbs are starting to come up outside, and today I got to walk around without a coat on.  Spring is coming, and with it a renewed sense of purpose.

Time to freshen up, air out, and gear up!

I want to open all the windows, sew new throw pillows, knit brightly colored socks, play with the baby in the grass, take long walks outside without being bundled up, bake cookies, eat berries, and paint my toenails bright colors.

What are your Spring plans?  Travel?  Cleaning? Crafting?

4 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Love your sunset photos.
    I wouldn’t have been able to resist buying the sunglasses – babies can never look too cute :0)

  2. What a lovely vacation, and your photos are stunning. What a cutie pie in the Foster Grants (maybe you are too young to understand that allusion!)

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