Here Comes the Sun

After days of torrential rain, wind, and flooding, our neck of the woods has finally dried off and welcomed the sun.  Fortunately our home escaped major damage during the big storm with nothing but a leaky skylight.

All that rain left us pretty much marooned at home for the first part of the week, so I was able to fit in a lot of sock knitting.  Sweetie requested a pair of hiking socks in one of “her” stash yarns.  Whenever she accompanies me yarn shopping, I have her pick out some sock yarn, so she has a few skeins on deck for socks.  I haven’t been the best at knitting with these yarns for her because they tend to be the opposite colors of what I typically knit with.  “Dull and muted tones” is how she likes to put it.  I did have some muted yet colorful Socks That Rock in the stash, so we decided on that.  I’m almost done with the first sock and look forward to showing you the pair soon.

River Rocked

Now that the sun has come out and the flowers are blooming, I’m wanting to knit with bright colors again.  I’m going to try to stay on track to at least get the first sock finished before I cast on a new project.  Purple and green are two of my favorite colors, so I have been very happy to see these little flowers pop up in the garden this week. I think I have some sock yarn in those colors…

Have a wonderful weekend!

One thought on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. Ahhh…..pretty flowers…we have daffodils blooming here…through the latest snowfall. the yarns colors, even the muted earthly one seems bright.

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