Textured Tweed

I haven’t been blogging or knitting much lately.  Or maybe I’ve been knitting more than I realized, plodding along slowly yet steadily on a couple of projects this April.  My third pair of socks for the year began just as the pair before them ended.  I literally cast on sometime within 24 hours of finishing these, and the first sock flew off the needles.  Then I got distracted with a baby knit, something that started off quickly and then rapidly fell into the bottom of my knitting priority list when stitch holders ans waste yarn got involved.  So I picked the second sock back up, and eventually ended up with these for my Sweetie:

My new Dansko clogs sort of steal the show here, don’t they?

  • Pattern: Harris Tweed Socks, free here and Ravelled here
  • Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock – Mediumweight in River Rocked, about 300 yards
  • Needles: US size 2/ 2.75mm
  • Mods: For the toe I decreased to 20 stitches, then grafted them closed.  I can’t remember if this was a modification or not, and I’m feeling too tired/lazy (possibly both) to check.  It’s just what I did.

This was a simple yet satisfying knit.  I found that the texture really brought out the different colors of this yarn, and the bumpiness of it plays well with the name of the colorway, River Rocked.  This yarn was from one of my Rockin’ Sock Club shipments last year; I seem to be on a trend of knitting up that yarn into non-club patterns, a move I am really happy with for now. Its thick twist made for a plush, well-cushioned sock that Sweetie has raved about.

I seem to be on somewhat of a sock-knitting jag right now.  Perhaps it’s the warm weather or my limited knitting time lately, but these small, portable projects are at the front of my mind.  And lucky for me I have a sizeable sock yarn stash to shop from and be inspired by.  My question for you is this: what sock patterns are looking good right now?  I know there’s been a slew of new patterns released this spring, and I’m slowly making my way around to many of them.  Is there anything I should knit right away?

Thanks for your suggestions, and have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Textured Tweed

  1. THose are lovely socks (and shoes)!

    All my socks tend to be very vanilla so I don’t have many recommendations. I made some Snicket socks once and they were fun.

  2. Love those socks. Hmm, I do believe I have a few skeins of STR MW in the stash…must check that out. I love the “Ampersand” pattern. Easy to memorize, free and versatile.

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