I’ve been steadily knitting along on Pembroke, fully enjoying the springy yarn and twisty cable work.  The back sped by without any problems.  Then there came the front.  Not that there have been problems, really, just moments of pause in which I had to consider how peaceful a knitter I really am.

I had been happily knitting away on the front while enjoying some Starbucks with a fellow knitter when I noticed it.  A mixed up cable, crossed the wrong direction.  I kept knitting, but my mind niggled.

Will anyone notice that?

Will it bother me if I don’t go back and fix it?

My knitting time has been fairly sparse lately, and I am knitting this on a timeline…

Can you see it?

After more knitting and thinking, I decided to call it an improvisational design feature and just keep going.  This one confused cable cross doesn’t affect the performance of the finished object.  I’m not so much of a knitting perfectionist that I can’t just let some things be, and this is one of those things I am letting go.

I have just one shoulder and the seaming to do before I can cross this knit of my To-Do list.  Now let’s just hope I don’t run out of yarn…

8 thoughts on “Crossed

  1. I see it, but only because you pointed it out. Then again I once bought and wore multiple times a sweater at Marshalls with one arm cabled stitched and the other stocking knit (or what ever that stitch is actually called) before I noticed the different arms. I think once it is a complete item no one will noticed.

  2. It took me awhile to find it. I think you’ll be okay.

    Besides, you can always say it’s your “signature” on the item.

  3. I have decided that a mis-crossed cable is going to have to be my signature…. 🙂 I wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t pointed it out!!

  4. I can see it, but it took a while as the larger cabled area draws the eye. I would leave it – no one will ever see it. Looks beautiful!

  5. I’d leave it – non-knitters won’t notice unless they really spend some time looking at it. So this is a front piece? Is it a part that will be near a seam? Then you can sort of hide it from your view as well. I have a mis-crossed cable on one of my Central Park Hoodie sleeves – I was able to position it so it’s on the backside of the sleeve, so I don’t always see it and groan about it!

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