Shopping Survival

I have never really considered myself a die-hard shopper.  Sure, I like to shop, even enjoy it on most occasions, but I am not one to search high and low for the best deal.  If I like it and can afford it and haven’t talked myself into believing I don’t “need” something, I buy it.  So when it comes to shopping for yarn, I take one of two approaches.

1. Buy what looks and feels good.

2. Buy yarn for a specific project.

When I first started knitting, I was a project-centered yarn buyer.  If I wanted to make something, I’d go out and get yarn to make it.  In the beginning I didn’t know about the wealth of places one can buy yarn, both locally and online.  So often I would find myself standing in the yarn aisle of a craft store making a guess at choosing a good substitution.

Then I started going to a Stitch ‘n Bitch group that met right next door to a yarn shop.  More often than not, we would go over after knitting for a while, just to see what was new and take advantage of a group discount.  This is when I started stashing, unknowingly at first, then with intention after I started knitting socks.  It’s just so easy to buy beautiful sock yarn with abandon!

All of this is to explain to that when I go to a yarn store like Webs, on a big sale weekend, I go with a mixed strategy.  Sure, I made a list.  And I got everything on my list, or some variation.  But I’m also open to spontaneous yarn acquisition, which is how I came home with an extra skein of sock yarn (or two).  And the Addi Click interchangeable needles I have been daydreaming about.  It was a good thing I couldn’t reach the Lexi Barnes bags from where I stood in line, because I certainly don’t need another knitting bag!

We arrived at Webs right at 10am as the sale was supposed to start.  The place was already packed with bargain-hungry yarn shoppers.  I have always been quick to say that knitters are a gentle, generous folk, but some of the behavior I saw that day has me questioning this.  I was bumped into, given agitated looks, and downright ignored when speaking.  More than once!  Good thing I was in a good mood and not so serious about the whole thing.  I was just there to get what was on my list, after all!

I filled that blue/green bag with yarn, and when it was full I called it quits.  I stuck to my budget (except for those neeldles…okay, I stuck to my yarn budget), got more than I needed, and had fun while doing it.  Success!

Did you go to the Webs Tent Sale?  What did you buy?  How long did you stand in line?!

4 thoughts on “Shopping Survival

  1. i’d like to say I’d be good if I went, and though I was good at the Celebration of Wool day I attended on Sunday, I think a webs sale would just about do me in. You look very happy there!

  2. All I can say is Oh My Gosh! I have never seen so much yarn in one place before. I think if I went to a sale that large my head would explode.

    Good for you for sticking to your yarn budget!

  3. You look great! Motherhood agrees with you. So jealous of the tent sale, been hearing about it on twitter. Let us know what you think of the Addi’s. I am dying for a set and plan on selling off my regular Addi’s.

  4. Confession: I have bought yarn and I don’t even know how to knit. I just had to have it. I liked the color or the feel or something. Also, you look super cute in that pic, love the top!

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