Vacation from Knitting

My recent vacation knitting attempts took an unintentional turn into a vacation from knitting.

I started out with enthusiasm and the best of intentions.  A week away, plus about 4 days of driving in the car meant I would have seemingly endless time one my hands to knit.  In the days leading up to our departure, I entertained knitting fantasies of all sorts: I could knit a pair of socks, a cute summery top, a light summer sweater for PB, a shawl…perhaps all of the above!  My trip to the Webs tent sale only fueled this fire, and before I knew it I had too many new projects and yarn to choose from.  Reason prevailed and I only packed 2 new projects.  Socks for the car trip, and a simple summer shell for our time in Michigan.  I fully believed I could finish both.

The car knitting started off with a bit of a hiccup.  The pattern (Wasabi Peas) called for a size 2 needle, but the ones I had (Addi Turbos) weren’t quite pointy enough for the purl-3-togethers in the pattern.  So I went down to my pointier size 1s (Addi Turbo Lace).  Here was my fatal error.  I knit happily away for hours in the car.  The pattern was easy, the yarn was vibrant and fun.  Then I knit the heel flap and tried them on, like I usually do at this point in my sock knitting.  Disaster.

They were, of course, way too small.

Who knits gauge swatches for socks anyway?

No matter, we were now at our destination where there were several eager sets of hands around to hold and play with PB while I knit.  I cast on for Fresh Mint in some of the new Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK yarn.  I got to the lace chart, but something was off.  I presumed it was my stitch count, or some error made while knitting under the influence of vacation.  So I ripped out and tried again.  Thrice.

Can you imagine being away on vacation, having plenty of down time, and nothing to knit?  It was a rare form of torture, I tell you.  Fortunately, there was a yarn shop in town, and my mother-in-law was gracious enough to take me by one afternoon.  I was drawn to this eclectic yarn, recycled silk thread spun into a bulky think/thin yarn. It has my mom’s name all over it, and she helped me decide on a simple triangular shawl.  The yarn is fuzzy and wild, filled with debris both organic and man-made; have you ever seen a piece of plastic bag spun into your yarn?!  But it’s been fun to knit up, and was a welcome break from the tumult of my intended vacation knitting.

Now we’re home and trying to settle into a summer routine.  As I was taking a break from unpacking, I checked my email and found a message from the designer of Fresh Mint saying there was indeed an error in the lace chart and that it has been corrected.  Too late for me and my grand vacation knitting plans!  It was very nice of her to get back to me, though.

FOr now I think I’ll rip out the socks and focus on knitting up this top.  I’m hoping to finish in time to take part in a lace shawl knit-along that ‘s starting in my SnB group mid-June.  Off to cast on…again!

Should I do a gauge swatch first?  It’d sure be a drag to knit this up and have it be too small…

2 thoughts on “Vacation from Knitting

  1. Gauge, the bane of a knitter’s existence! I swatched several times yesterday, going down 3 needle sizes. Cast on, started knitting…too small. Now I have to go back up! Arrrgh. Um, I mean, fun! Relaxing! Yeah!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. see that’s my big fear with holiday knitting! I think that’s why so many of us end up taking so much extra ‘just in case’ knitting!

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