Lately there have been days where I haven’t knit at all.   Life happens so fast, and I can sometimes get so caught up in the To-Do list that I forget about the Want-To-Do list.  Other days, I binge knit, working those needles until my hands ache.  And then there are the days where I enjoy reading craft blogs, gaining inspiration and recharging my creative ambitions through other crafters’ stories.  I’ve run across a couple of blog posts out there recently that were just what I needed the day I found them.  I thought I’d share some tidbits about knitting (and life) you might also find inspirational.  At the end, a drawing!

Laundered clothes get dirty. Full bellies become hungry. Swept floors gather dust and hair and a thousand tiny pieces of paper from busy scissors.

But a stitch is a stitch and it stays that way.




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Quality not quantity

Knitting fun not knitting work

Make things that will make your life more beautiful

Stash is an amazing resource, not a burden to be shifted

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I would go without food for yarn or fabric or something to stitch. If I didn’t have my sewing machine, I’d slip away. I’d slip away if there wasn’t that new dream to build, even if it is usually just a pipe dream, a total mirage.  A total mirage that does not sway or break until whatever it is that I’m building is complete.

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What does your craft or creative life mean to you?

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  1. my creative life means i am alive. work is so intense and kind of soul-sucking, but when i have my creative work in my hands, i remember myself. thank you for the very nice giveaway!

  2. I agree. I’ve always said that I would be perfectly content locked up in prison (not really!) if I could do needlework and read. I never have enough time in my life to feel like I’ve done all of the knitting, sewing, reading, quilting, and cross stitch that I want (no, need) to do. I’m working on organization and mindfulness! At this point, work and sleep and meals get in the way. It’s always good to know that I’m not alone. Thanks for listening. Leslie

  3. My knitting, spinning, weaving mean as much to me as food, water, and air. Without having a creative outlet my life feels incomplete and out of my control.
    Several years ago I had to care for my Dad, we wanted to keep him in his own home because it was the only place he was at peace (Alzheimer’s). Since he needed almost my full attention my only real ‘me’ time was after he was asleep. If I had not had my knitting to help me relax and unwind I don’t think I would have been able to keep him there until he passed. It saved my sanity because I was able to slowly relax before heading to bed. I think most crafters feel the same way.

  4. You know, I think I was destined to see this post….I have a feeling that with all life has been throwing my way {all be it good things}, I’m out of my routine. Like instead of winding down and knitting while watching a movie at night…I’m sitting blowing at wet nails that had to be done for some upcomming event.

    Really just can’t underestimate the importance of having a creative outlet!

  5. My creative life means a lot to me, I hate when the day gets too busy and I don’t get a chance to create 🙂 Thanks for having this giveaway!

  6. With a full time job (that sometimes run over more than full time) and being a mama, I don’t have as much time at my hands anymore (I’m sure you can relate), so I utilize my time while fulfilling my motherly duty (aka pumping) at work and knit during my little 10 minute break. It keeps me sane at work, and I don’t feel lost at the end of the day!

  7. lovely post. My creative life means I’m not just going through the motions of getting up, going to work and coming home again. I’m experiencing colour and beauty and the sense of making stuff myself in a way that lifts me out of the every day ordinariness of life.

  8. “Make things that will make your life more beautiful” I love this.

    To me my craft is something I can be creative doing. It’s wonderful to create new items out of a long piece of string with the help of one needle with two sharp ends (I always use circulars!), it’s wonderful to write up my own patterns or to follow someone else’s, learning more on the way. It’s relaxation, learning, creating all in one.

  9. Ooh that’s me! I don’t think I’ve ever been quoted before 🙂

    I think my creative life is the necessary balance for the rest of my life. So much of my job and the stuff you have to do as a human is about holding back change, about maintenance, about fixing and repairing and working so that things continue to look and work just as they always have done so for me crafting provides the counterbalance of making something new and fresh and something all about what I want. About having something, something cool or fun or beautiful, that exists only as a result of my efforts.

    I’m still going to keep cleaning my teeth and ironing and patching operating systems and monitoring log files but every now and then I can stand back and look at something I crafted and think – I made that!

  10. What great quotes! My creativity defines me, and it is what holds me together even when my life feels like it’s falling apart. Making, playing, immersing myself in beautiful objects (these days mostly yarn!) reassures me and keeps me connected to myself.

  11. What a great post. I’ve thought about this a lot in the past few weeks. For me, my creative life started out as a way to make some extra money, while allowing me to have an outlet to show my creativity. However, I found myslef getting caught up in the world of selling and being competitive with others, and I lost my steam. Recently, I’ve realized that my creative life has to be for me and no one else. And I’ve started to enjoy it so much more!

  12. Lovely selections! I have been crafty since I was a kid (I still have several of the craft projects I made at a local craft store way back when). I love being able to take a simple, everyday item like a length of yarn and turn it into something special and unique. Crafting is not quick and I know I already try and cram too much into each day. The act of knitting, stitch by stitch, is a relatively easy way to force myself to slow down.

  13. I do feel a need to create something, or hopefully add some good to the world, in one way or the other. With the bad economy (and basically being out of my normal work), I’ve turned to designing knitting patterns, which offers both creative fulfillment and enough other stuff that it satisfies my type A personality. So, right now, it’s not a way to slow down, but it’s still fulfilling.

  14. I think there is a spiritual aspect to crafting – and I am actually not a spiritual person. Still, when I sit down to knit, my mind focuses, my breathing slows down and all my stress falls by the wayside. It is a very calming and centring experience. I used to have problems dealing with stress in a constructive way. I have discovered how to be a better, happier person through knitting.

    And then, you know, there is the social aspect of crafting. I have met so many like-minded people through crafting. People who genuinely love create Something from Nothing. People who want to know where the materials came from and how they are impacting the world. I’m very thankful for them too.

  15. My creative life allows me a chance to relax and recharge. Being creative just does wonders for my soul and mood.

  16. My craft life is a way to learn about the world, quality and beauty. Through knitting I learned so much about fibers and art and the value of time. Through sewing and embroidery I learned about history and fashion. Who knows what crafts I will pick up next! As long as I am doing something interesting that requires some skill, I will be happy.

  17. I’ve crafted in some way since I was a kid, but I only really got back into it enthusiastically since becoming a Mum. I find that motherhood is incredibly rewarding at so many levels, but it can often feel like there’s no tangible outcome for a day’s (very) hard work. Crafting provides that tangible result, even if I only get two rows of a sock heel knitted! I find it provides great time out and is immensely satisfying when I finish things. It’s also led me to craft-blog-land, which has been a great source of new connections and developing friendships since becoming a SAHM.

  18. My creative life is part of what keeps me going, it means I can cope with the bad days better and it also connects me with my family in the past; my Gran was a prolific and gifted knitter; I like doing some of the same things she did. I think it helps keep me grounded.

  19. I can’t remember the last day I didn’t do something creative. I don’t think I would survive without knitting or stitching or scrapbooking. All offer me different methods of expression and relaxation. I always have several projects on the go and often work on more than one during any one day. BTW I love your blog and have been reading it for some time now. Keep it up, please!

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