Summer Shawl-along

My Stitch ‘n Bitch group is doing a shawl-along this summer.  It’s an informal gathering of knitters in which we are simply knitting something lacy at the same time.  No deadlines or matchy-matchy shawls for these b!tches.

I cast on alongside some other great knitters on Tuesday. This is my budding Hamamelis shawl by Kirsten Kapur.  And that lovely yarn?  That would be Madelinetosh Sock in Denim, a sumptuous, silvery blue merino.  The pattern is coming along fairly quickly during stolen moments of knitting throughout my days.  Of course, these triangular shawls always go quickly in the beginning; it’s when you get to the point of having hundreds of stitches on the needles that it really begins to drag.  But I choose not to think about that moment just yet, instead plodding happily along on these short, lacy rows.

Happy knitting!

4 thoughts on “Summer Shawl-along

  1. Those triangular shawls to cast-on so easily with so few stitches, don’t they?. I’m in the midst of a Travelling Woman right now and the rows are getting mighty long, though the pattern has a knit stitch every so often on the purl sides to help them feel a little less interminable as it grows. The silvery yarn you’re using is lovely!

  2. I love how quickly triangular shawls go in the beginning. It makes me feel like a speed knitter! And then the truth comes out, in the end…

    Pretty yarn!

  3. I’m just on the last few rows of my Hamamelis. It’s completely worth it to slog through those long rows at the end. Yours will be beautiful in that blue.

  4. It looks like a really pretty colour! I say blank out thoughts of those endless long rows to come, and just enjoy the speedy little ones you’re doing right now!

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